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Social Activities

The JAL Group takes advantage of its unique characteristic as an airline to participate in social activities.

We are able to continue operations thanks to the support of many.
Without forgetting this sense of gratitude, we hope to contribute to society even in small ways through the devoted efforts of each staff, making the most of the unique characteristics of our business. Going forward, we will continue steady efforts in pursuit of "All that we can do as the JAL Group".

Our Main Social Programs

The JAL Group is developing social activities such as "Transport Service" and "Domestic/International Network" that takes advantage of our unique business attributes.

Volunteer Activities

The JAL Group actively supports volunteer activities which offer each staff an opportunity to be in direct contact with the public.

Support for Disaster Victims

The JAL Group has established plans for increasing flights, as well as emergency flights and routes in case of disaster in order to secure air transport.

CSR Activities

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