CSR Our Main Social Programs

Education and social welfare of young people

Cooperation with UNICEF

  • Provision of transport assistance for UNICEF-related seminars
  • Collection of UNICEF 'Change for Good' donations on all JAL international flights.
  • Transportation of coins collected by JAL on behalf of the UNICEF 'Change for Good' campaign
  • Assistance with collection of street donations for UNICEF's 'Hand-in-Hand with Children' campaign
  • Dissemination of information on UNICEF activities to passengers.
  • Creating awareness for UNICEF by painting the UNICEF symbol on our aircraft.
  • Sale of UNICEF postcards onboard.
Photo: Cooperation with UNICEF

JAL Paper Plane Activity

A fun children's course called the JAL Paper Plane was launched in 2007. JAL Group volunteers from airport and city offices throughout Japan visit local kindergartens and schools, and attend special events to teach youngsters how to make paper airplanes (hikoki) using origami. The children have great fun learning and practicing the Japanese art of paper-folding, making different types of paper airplanes, and seeing how well they fly. The course is conducted by 200 employees who have received special training from the Japan Origami Airplane Association (JOAA).

Photo: JAL Paper Plane Activity

Pink Ribbon Campaign

Since 2004, JAL has supported the Pink Ribbon campaign, which serves to highlight the importance of early detection and treatment of breast cancer. On two of our domestic routes, we initiated Pink Scarf Flights, on which Pink Ribbon badges and cards are distributed to passengers. A total of 10,000 Pink Ribbon ball-point -pens were also sold to staff in 2009 and part of the proceeds was donated to the Breast Cancer Patient's Network Japan.

Photo: Pink Ribbon Campaign Illust: BREAST CANCER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN


Since 2010, the JAL Group became the official airline of the Hellosmile Project to raise awareness of cervical cancer prevention, a growing health problem among young Japanese women. Cervical cancer has a high rate of occurrence in women 20-30 years of age, and it can be prevented by periodic screening. Screening every year or two is recommended at least.

With a focus on November, which is the Cervical Cancer Prevention Awareness Month, the JAL Group is undertaking prevention awareness activities both within and outside the company. Starting in 2010, proceeds from the Hellosmile merchandise, sold with a prevention awareness information leaflet, were donated to the Japan Cancer Society Cervical Cancer Foundation and the UN Population Fund through TOKYO FM.

©1976, 2012 SANRIO CO.,LTD. APPROVAL NO.G530019

©1976, 2012 SANRIO CO.,LTD. APPROVAL NO.G530019

Hellosmile JET

A specially-painted aircraft designed to raise awareness of cervical cancer prevention began service on Friday, January 13th, 2012. The logo for the "Hellosmile JET" features a large face profile of the "Hellosmile" supporting mascot "Hello Kitty", with the message for cervical cancer prevention: "Looking towards a happy future ahead". The "Hellosmile JET", a Boeing 777-300, will fly to all major domestic airports, raising awareness of the importance of cervical cancer prevention throughout the year.

About the Hellosmile JET

Model Boeing 777-300 (registration no.: JA8941)
Major Airport Flight Routes Haneda-Sapporo (Shin-Chitose), Haneda-Osaka (Itami), Haneda-Fukuoka, Haneda-Okinawa (Naha)

* May fly other routes due to aircraft rotation, etc.

Flight period January 13th - December 2012

On-board passengers are to be greeted by the Hellosmile supporting mascot Hello Kitty, who, along with the crew, will tell them about the importance of cervical cancer prevention.

Photo: Hello Kitty
Photo: Hello Kitty

Hellosmile PROJECT begins its activities in the United States!

The Hellosmile PROJECT, which began in Japan, made its way to America, where on May 7, 2012, a press conference was held with the global partner UN Population Fund (UNFPA) at the Times Square Sanrio shop in New York.

Hellosmile is ...

Hellosmile promotes awareness, disseminates correct information and recommends screening for the prevention of cervical cancer, a disease which is affecting more and more young Japanese women.
Starting in 2010 as a part of TOKYO FM's "HUMAN CONSCIOUS - Loving Life, Linking Hearts" station campaign, we are cooperating withmany other companies and organizations.

Organized by: Hellosmile Committee (Headquarters: TOKYO FM)

* A portion of the proceeds goes to cervical cancer prevention activities and the Japan Cancer Society Cervical Cancer Foundation and the UN Population Fund.

Click here for details relating to Hellosmile.

Support for Educational program

We have cooperated with several schools and participated in their career development programs. It is our hope that these activities provide young people with some ideas, and motivate them to consider their own career plans and also raise their awareness of society.

Photo: Support for Educational program

Tokyo Terakoya Project

Following a request from Shinagawa Ward, the JAL Group extended its cooperation to the Tokyo Terakoya Project - a project that invites working adults to lecture at junior high schools in the Shinagawa area, where JAL maintains its headquarters.

Maintenance-Facility Tours and Aviation Classes

The JAL Group organizes tours of its maintenance facility at Haneda Airport and holds aviation classes throughout Japan.

JAL Foundation Activities

Scholarship Program

The JAL Foundation conducts a scholarship program.

The JAL Scholarship Program invites college students from across Asia and Oceania to Japan every year and provides them with opportunities for workshops and cultural interchange. Through these activities, this program aims to enhance the students' understanding of Japan and promote mutual understanding beyond national borders. This program also aims to develop young men and women who will assume future leadership roles in the region.

Photo: Children's Haiku Poems from Around the World

World Children's Haiku

Through Haiku Project, we hope to promote understanding of Japan and Japanese culture.

The 1st "Haiku contest" taken up by JAPAN AIRLINES was broadcasted on a U.S radio music program in 1964 and successfully collected as many as 41,000 submissions. This event was the first step that led to the current Haiku Project.
Through this program, We aim to spread the joy of composing haiku among children around the world, develop, nurture their sensitivity, and promote mutual understanding and international exchanges through appreciation of Japan and Japanese culture that gave birth to haiku, the world's shortest form of poetry.
Since the establishment of the JAL Foundation in 1990, the "World Children's Haiku Contest" has been taken over and held biennially by JAL Foundation, opening to children all over the world including Japan. The applicants are children aged 15 years and under, and they are asked to send in handwriting drawing as well as haiku.
The prize winning haiku are printed in a picture book titled "Haiku by World Children" in the following year. In this anthology, these haiku are introduced in the composers' mother languages, together with colorful drawings painted through the children's fresh perspectives. The works has been widely introduced in textbooks and reference books in Japan and abroad, and has played a part in introducing Japanese culture overseas.

Photo: Children's Haiku Poems from Around the World

Atmospheric Observations

Contributing to our understanding of the mechanisms of global warming.

JAPAN AIRLINES has long been participating in atmospheric observation project called CONTRAIL (Comprehensive Observation Network for Trace gases by Airliner Project), comprising the National Institute for Environmental Studies, the Meteorological Research Institute, JAMCO Corporation and JAL Foundation.
The main purpose of the CONTRAIL Project is to obtain basic data on the concentration of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), which provide a basis from which the mechanism of variation and circulation of the greenhouse gases will be elucidated. The regular and full-scale measurement framework was created in the year 1993.
From 2005, newly developed Equipment CME (Continuous CO2 Measuring Equipment) has been installed on JAL fleets (mainly on Boeing 777-200 aircrafts), which enabled continuous air sampling measurement above the predetermined altitude from the plane take-off to landing.
These collected data are being opened to researchers around the world upon their request.

Photo: Two Equipments on 777-200ER

The other public activities by the JAL Foundation

Apart from the direct joint program with JAPAN AIRLINES, JAL Foundation originally hosting the study programs intended for the youth.


  • 'Aviation Day' - Study Tours for Junior High School Students
  • Internship program for college students overseas
  • Lectures for Globally Minded Citizens
For the detail, please refer to the web-site of the JAL Foundation.

Art and cultural activities

Assistance with Art Transport

The JAL Group assisted in the transport of foreign artworks for exhibitions across Japan, and Japanese artworks for exhibitions in various locations overseas.

Pacific Music Festival

In partnership with the city of Sapporo, the JAL Group supports this program, which started in 1990, to assist the next generation of young musicians from around the world.

Local-Community Sports

Among employees' sports and cultural activities supported by the Group is JAL Wings (rugby).