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 Feb 25 1998


Five Years of Cooperative Effort Between The Two Airlines Creates Broad Alliance And Gives Consumers Greater Choices


TOKYO, Japan -- American Airlines and Japan Airlines today announced that they have reached an understanding regarding a major codesharing program on routes between Japan and the United States and other key routes beyond their U.S. and Japanese gateways.

The codesharing will complete a global alliance, focused on the Pacific, that already includes a fully reciprocal fre-quent-flyer program arrangement, a computerized reservation system (CRS) joint venture for Japan, and extensive coopera-tion in air cargo. The two airlines have been building their relationship for some years.

With the codesharing cooperation, American and Japan Air-lines will put in place the final key element of their alliance, linking their route networks to deliver increased convenience and enhanced value for millions of travellers and shippers in the United States, Japan and other parts of the world.

As a result, it will become easier to fly or ship over hundreds of routes as widely diverse as Syracuse-Sapporo, Fukuoka-Cincinnati, Austin-KUala Lumpur and Osaka-Caracas.

The codeshare alliance was made possible by the new aviation agreement between the U.S. and Japanese governments, and was announced at a joint news conference in Tokyo by JAL's chairman, Susumu Yamaji, and Robert L. Crandall, chairman of American Airlines.

The codesharing will require the approval of the U.S. De-partment of Transportation (DOT) and Japan's Ministry of Transport (MOT). American and JAL will link their routes in two major ways.

* Japan Airlines' Code on American - JAL will place its "JL" designator code on American's services between Japan and the United States, and on connecting American services beyond U.S. gateways to other points in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America, and elsewhere.




* American's Code on Japan Airlines - American will place its "AA" designator code on Japan Airlines' services between the United States and Japan, and on connecting JAL services beyond Japanese gateways to other points in Japan, Asia and elsewhere.

JAL serves the U.S. from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo and Sendai. JAL's gateways in the U.S. are Atlanta, Chicago, Honolulu, KOna, New York (JFK), Los Angeles, San Francisco, Anchorage, Guam and Saipan.

Today, American serves Tokyo to and from Dallas/Fort Worth, Seattle/Tacoma and San Jose, California, and will inaugurate Chicago-Tokyo nonstop service on May 1. The airline also has applied to DOT for three other routes -- New York (JFK) - Tokyo, Boston-Tokyo and Dallas/Fort Worth-Osaka.

All together, the alliance will link a total of nearly 850 aircraft, 3,640 departures and 290 cities for American and American Eagle with 137 airplanes, 610 departures and 70 cities for Japan Airlines and its units.

"Codesharing will represent the successful culmination of a lot of diligent effort by American and Japan Airlines to forge a comprehensive alliance that will strengthen our respective companies and provide greater access and in-creased value for travellers and shippers," Mr. Crandall said.

"We have looked forward to this day with keen anticipation, and we and JAL are now in a position to build a cooperative network that will span the Pacific to link Asia with the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America and points beyond." he said.

Mr. Yamaji said "By this tie-up, JAL and American Airlines' networks will be expanded dramatically between Japan and the United States and beyond the gateways. We are confident that we will provide enhanced services to our customers in terms of the number of flights and connections."

He also said "As international competition becomes more dynamic, I believe that our alliance will boost the further growth of our two companies as global airlines dedicated to the highest standards."

American and JAL plan to finalize the terms of the codeshar-ing cooperation shortly.

Both airlines have been working toward an expanded relation-ship since 1993, and since then have put together a series of cooperative services agreements in three key areas:




American and JAL concluded a fully reciprocal frequent flyer partnership on January 1 1995, and will soon expand the relationship to include JAL's domestic services. Under the arrangements, members of Americans' AAdvantage program can accrue and redeem mileage credit on flights by American and American Eagle.


In September 1995, American and JAL concluded a computerized reservation system (CRS) joint venture for the Japan market. The agreement was between SABRE Travel Information Network, a unit of AMR Corporation, American's parent company, and JAL's AXESS International Network (AIN). The joint venture markets JAL's AXESS system to Japanese travel agencies, with enhanced functionality from SABRE. The enhancements include features that give AXESS subscribers the ability to access air fare information worldwide, and the ability to obtain prices and make reservations for rental cars and hotels.


American Cargo and Japan Airlines Cargo signed a major cooperative agreement regarding various sales activities in Asia, the U.S., and certain parts of Latin America and the Caribbean on September 1 1995. Under the arrangement, Ameri-can Cargo provides sale support for JAL in 14 states in the southern U.S., and most of Latin America and the Caribbean. JAL's cargo subsidiaries perform sales support for American Cargo in Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.


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