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 Nov 19 1998



On November 19, Japan Airlines will take delivery of its 100th 747 aircraft, a 747-400 version, in ceremonies at the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group facility in Everett, Washington, U.S.A.

JAL, the first airline to reach the 100 mark in 747 deliveries, has purchased more of these aircraft then any other carrier in the world and operates the largest 747 fleet, which includes international and domestic passenger airliners and freighters. JAL was the launch customer for the 747SR (Short Range) version, a high capacity aircraft with up to 563 seats, used on high density trunk routes in Japan.

The newest 747, which will be handed over at a gala event hosted by The Boeing Company, is configured with 348 seats in three classes of service, First (12), JAL Executive Class Seasons (99), and Economy (237).

Isao Kaneko, JAL President, and Alan Mulally, president of BCAG, will attend the ceremonies, which will feature Japan's famed taiko drummers.

Also, 150 local area children both Japanese and American will "pull" the aircraft into the view of assembled guests, a custom seen frequently in Japan. The children, who have been rehearsing for months, will also sing a medley of songs from both countries.

With the latest 747-400, JAL and its subsidiaries currently operate a fleet of 151 aircraft, all American-made, and JAL has spent close to US$29 billion on goods and services in the U.S., much of it at Boeing, making the airline one of the manufacturer's best customers in the international market.

JAL is well into its third decade of 747 service, having marked the 28th anniversary of the aircraft's entry to the JAL fleet on last July 1. The first order was placed by JAL in 1966, with the delivery taking place in April 1970.





JAL's 100th 747......


In the ensuing years, JAL 747s have performed with a high degree of success: JAL leads all operators of the aircraft in Scheduled Despatch Reliability with a 99.6 percent on-time record compared to an industry average of 98.09 per-cent.

Also in that time, as of September 1998, JAL's 747s have operated close to 1.2 million flights, traveling over 2.3 billion miles and spending 5.09 million hours in the air.

Over the years these workhorses have carried 275,014,656 passengers and shipped 8,820,767 metric tons of cargo for JAL customers.

The airline has paid US$8.1 billion for its 100 747s. and US$13.6 billion for its entire fleet to date, not including engines, parts, seats, galleys etc. When the prices of these and other items are included, JAL's expenditure on aircraft and operations in the U.S. comes to more than US$23.3 billion. Since 1952, JAL has purchased 266 aircraft from U.S. manufacturers.

JAL operates 747s from Japan on routes to Europe, North America, South East Asia, Australia and China.





1. How many 747s has JAL bought from Boeing ? 100- Actually over the years JAL has purchased 103 747s, 100 direct from Boeing plus 3 from other airlines.

Other airlines 747 fleets: British Airways 76, United 49, Singapore 48, Northwest 43.

Other airlines' total 747 purchases: British Airways 87, Singapore 78, source: BCAG

2.How many 747s in JAL service today ?: 82 - Of the 100 747s purchased from Boeing, 82 (including 747 #100 and one 747 operated by Japan Asia Airways)

We also have 3 747s purchased from other airlines, so the complete total is 85 in the JAL Group.

3. When did JAL start flying 747s ?

International routes: Tokyo-Honolulu April 1 1970

Domestic routes: Tokyo-Okinawa April 1 1973

4. What types of 747 does JAL operate ?

747-100, 747-200, 747-300, 747-400, 747F - all cargo freighter, 747SR - Short Range, for domestic routes in Japan and the 747-400D, also for domestic service.

5. Why does JAL have 747 Short Range aircraft for domestic routes ? - Japan has suffered from airport operating constraints, with limits on the numbers of flights, so to keep up with passenger demand growth, JAL's solution was to go for bigger and bigger airplanes, with Boeing's help.

6. How many 747SR airplanes has JAL operated ? Altogether we have purchased 25 domestic versions, that is 17 747-100SR types and 8 747-400Ds, the domestic version of the 747-400. JAL's 747-400D aircraft don't have winglets, but we can fit them if we want.

7. How many seats in JAL's passenger 747s:We have many configurations for international and domestic airplanes. The latest international route 747-400 has 348 seats - 12 in First Class, 99 in business class and 237 in economy class.

Our domestic Short Range 747s have as many as 568 seats in two classes: 24 seats in the domestic version of First Class, which we call Super Seat, and 544 seats in regular economy class.




JAL AND THE 747 -2

8. How many passengers have JAL's 747s carried since the first aircraft was introduced in April 1970 ? 275,014,656 (up to September 30 1998)

9. What's JAL busiest 747 route ? Tokyo-Sapporo in Japan. Since 1974 JAL 747's have carried 48,163,831 passengers on this route - which incidentally is the busiest air route in the world.

10. How much cargo has JAL carried in 747s over the years ?

8,820,767 tons

11. How many flights have JAL 747S made ?Since April 1970, 1,200,000

12. How many miles flown by JAL 747s ?2.3 billion

13. How many JAL 747 flight hours ?5.09 million

14. What is JAL's despatch reliability of the 747 ?

JAL leads the airline industry with a Despatch Reliability rate of 99.6% (industry average, 98.09%)

15. How many Boeings of all types has JAL bought ?Since 1965, 151. As follows: 727-12, 747-100, 767-24, 737-8, 777-7

16. Of the 100 747s bought by JAL direct from Boeing, how many are no longer in the JAL fleet ?. Altogether 18. We sold 16. One was destroyed by terrorists (no fatalities to passengers or crew). One was lost in an accident in Japan (Mt. Osutaka, August 12 1985).

17. How many 747-400s does JAL have on order ? 15

18. How many 747-400s in the JAL Fleet now ? With the latest aircraft - JAL's 100th 747 - (registration JA8195) JAL has 35 747-400s.



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