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787 Modification Work and Flight Status


General Information

JAL suspended its Boeing 787 operations on January 16, 2013, owing to battery failures aboard the 787 in January 2013, and resumed operations on June 1, 2013, after implementing improvements in the battery system.
After that, JAL has operated more than 20,000 flights to date and no battery failure occurred except the battery smoke event on January 2014 at Narita airport. As for the event on January 2014 at Narita airport, failure on the battery was limited and no impact for safe flight was observed. The modifications on the battery system have been shown work effectively. We are monitoring the battery data daily and replaced the batteries from airplane periodically and inspected them, however, no quality issue on battery has been found.
Although some inconvenience occurred to our customers at the beginning of 787 introductions because of other troubles, great improvements on airplane quality have been made as a result of the working together activities involving civil aviation authorities, Boeing and manufacturers of aircraft parts. We will continue to do our utmost effort so that you may increase your confidence in our operations.
This site has provided a range of information regarding JAL's 787 events and delays. However, based on improvement of airplane quality, these kinds of information will be provided in Operation Data site with the other type of airplane.

Note: Flight status data in the past will be posted until October 31, 2015.

October 15, 2015
Japan Airlines


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