CSR Volunteer Activities

Send Books to Children Campaign

The Send Books to Laos and Campaign campaign began in 2003 by the Shanti Volunteer Association. Pasting translated text into the books gives participants the experience of engaging in an activity promoting international cooperation. JAL staff were able to appreciate the living conditions of children in Laos and Cambodia and learn the true meaning of volunteer activities. Participants contributed to part of the participation costs to the Shanti Volunteer Association, the balance being covered by the Volunteer J Fund.

Photo: "Sending Books to Children" Campaign

Spoiled Postcard Collection Campaign

The JAL Group contributed unusable postcards with prepaid stamps to Citizens' Committee in Japan.

Photo: Spoiled-Postcard Collection campaign

Everyone Cut Cloth Volunteer Program

In support of Cambodian educational support activities by the NPO Caring For Young Refugees organization, we began their "Everyone Cut Cloth" volunteer program at our company in 2005. We cut cloth using patterns to make toys such as balls and dolls for children in Cambodia. To date, 120 staff from JAL Navia and JAL Navia Osaka have participated. Just like the picture book delivery activities, participants in the program help to cover a portion of the costs, while the difference is made up by the Volunteer J Fund.

Photo: Everyone Cut Cloth

Community Activities

Shoveling snow for seniors living alone in Yubari City

JAL Group volunteer staff in the Sapporo/Chitose region have been doing volunteer snow removal in Yubari City/ Wakana region since 2007.
On March 5, 2011, 65 people, including staff and their family members, formed a volunteer group with the Yubari/Wakana Town association, and shoveled snow for senior citizens living alone. After snow-shoveling, a luncheon was held with Yubari citizens and JAL staff to get to know each other.

Photo: Shoveling snow for seniors living alone in Yubari City

Santa Clause Riding on a Plane

Santa Clause Riding on a Plane (" Hikonori " for short) is a volunteer activity, in which volunteer staff donate various products to sell at charity bazaars and contribute funds raised at these bazaars to welfare institutions in the Narita area.
The origins of Hikonori began with a garage sale by flight attendants in 1990. Since then, the circle of participants has expanded to include pilots, airport staff, maintenance engineers, etc., and the charity bazaar has developed into an active regional contribution activity in the Narita area, welcoming many visitors each year.

Photo: Shoveling snow for seniors living alone in Yubari City

Volunteer Activities by JAL Group Staff

The JAL Group maintains a volunteer organization for staff called Volunteer J. The Volunteer J Tsushin (mail magazine) goes out to 800 group staff. Funds from donations and proceeds from charity bazaars and charity concerts are forwarded to the Volunteer J Fund and used to support staff volunteer activities and cover participation costs.
The Volunteer J Emergency Support Fund makes donations to humanitarian groups and purchases aid material to be sent to disaster areas. The JAL Group supports the activities of Volunteer J and makes air tickets and company facilities available to staff participating in social activities planned by the organization.

Overseas Activities

Support for the Hoppo Orphanage

The Hoppo Orphanage was established for the protection and education of homeless children without relatives or children who require protective care due to other circumstances so that they may grow to become independent, wholesome citizens. Also, the dedicated efforts of Chizuko Tauchi, the wife of the founder (Yun Chi Ho), has been highly regarded in Korea, and has served as a bridge in Japanese-Korean relations.
The Pusan Office, one of the Korean regional branch offices, has supported the work of the Hoppo Orphanage since 1971. Their support activities have come in the form of blankets, housing and monetary donations.

Photo: Support for the Hoppo Orphanage

Visitation of West Middlesex Hospital (Children's Hospital)

Each Christmas and Easter, the London-based cabin crew brings gifts donated from the staff to young patients at the children's hospital. Beginning with our staff's desire to contribute to society, they have continued the tradition for eighteen years.