SAFETY Message from General Manager of Safety

For Safety and Ease of Mind

Nobuyoshi Gondo
(Safety General Manager)
Director, Managing Executive Officer Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

Thank you for choosing to fly with JAL Group.

This site, Corporate Information, "Safety Initiatives", introduces our pilots, cabin attendants, maintenance staff and dispatchers who support safe operations each day, and also our safety management such as our Safety Promotion Center and the Safety Advisory Group, and our initiatives to develop a "safety culture".

Safety is a basic foundation of business continuity for the JAL Group. We are firmly committed to providing a safe travel experience to our customers in any situation. To accomplish this, every staff engaged in business operations, as well as staff at the front line, strive to accumulate our "safety layers", highly aware that safety must never be compromised and acting responsibly as safety professionals.

Through lessons learned from tragic accidents, we have been fostering our "safety culture". To keep lessons learned from fading away from our memory, the Safety Promotion Center should be served as a "foundation for safety" where staff can reaffirm their awareness and responsibilities concerning safety. The Safety Advisory Group, an external panel of safety experts, also provides us with valuable advice. Based on the advice, we will carry out various initiatives to further develop our "safety culture".

Moreover, we will steadily press forward to ensure a safe operation on every flight each day as the leading company of safety in the transport sector.