SAFETY JAL's Actions

We would like to explain our actions to provide the highest standards of safety, security and reliability.

JAL's Participation in the Project Team

Ever since Boeing put together a project team to develop a package of measures, JAL has been participating and presenting comments and requests for improvement from the standpoint of an operator.

JAL's Evaluation of Boeing's Modification Instruction Letter

JAL has been studying Boeing's modification instruction letter carefully and in great detail from the drafting stage, while obtaining knowledge and information from a Japanese battery manufacturer. As a result, we have confirmed that the modifications would correct all probable causes, and prevent the recurrence of this and all battery problems, and also, fully reflected our comments and requests as an operator. Therefore, we determined that the implementation of all modifications would ensure safe operations of the 787 operations.

Dealing with Past Malfunctions

The 787 operated by JAL and another Japanese operator had experienced malfunctions other than the battery system, such as fuel leaks, temporary brake failure, and cracks in the cockpit window, but they have been corrected according to investigations and instructions of the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Civil Aviation Bureau. After the battery system of the 787 was revamped, we checked and inspected all aircraft systems, and confirmed safety and reliability of the entire aircraft. As all preparations have been completed, and we have confirmed that customers can fly JAL with a sense of security, JAL has decided to resume 787 operations from June 1, 2013.

To Increase Safety

JAL will continue implementing the following measures even after operations are resumed, in collaboration with the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Civil Aviation Bureau, another Japanese operator, and Boeing to deliver enhanced security to customers.

Confirmation Flights (prior to resumption of operations, completed)

After completing the series of maintenance work including revamping the battery system, we operated confirmation flights with maintenance staff onboard, and verified that all aircraft systems are operating properly and that the 787 can be operated normally.

Familiarization Flights (prior to resumption of operations, completed)

JAL's flight crewmembers maintained their skills even during the suspension of 787 operations, using a flight simulator and undergoing other training. Prior to resumption of operations, all flight crewmembers familiarized themselves with the modified battery system on the actual 787.

Verification of the Modified Battery System (after resumption of operations)

The battery system is routinely unloaded and inspected to verify that it is functioning soundly.

Monitoring Operation of the Modified Battery System (continued after resumption of operations)

We introduced devices to routinely monitor the battery system during flight for irregularities. If there are signs of an irregularity, maintenance staff on the ground will be alerted immediately to implement necessary measures.
Furthermore, we are keeping customers updated of the progress of modification work, flight status, and other information after resumption of operations.