ABOUT Eizo Kobayashi

Eizo Kobayashi
(January 7, 1949)
Director(Outside, Independent)

Brief Personal History

April 1972 Joined ITOCHU Corporation
June 2000 Executive Officer of ITOCHU Corporation
April 2002 Managing Executive Officer of ITOCHU Corporation
June 2003 Representative Director, Managing Director of ITOCHU Corporation
April 2004 Representative Director, Senior Managing Director of ITOCHU Corporation
June 2004 President and Chief Executive Officer of ITOCHU Corporation
April 2010 Chairman of the board ITOCHU Corporation
July 2010 Outside Auditor of Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company
July 2011 Director Chairman of ITOCHU Corporation
June 2013 Director(Outside), OMRON Corporation (Current Position)
June 2015 External Director of the Company (Current Position)
June 2016 Chairman of ITOCHU Corporation (Current Position)
Director(Outside),JAPAN EXCHANGE GROUP,Inc (Current position)

Concurrent position(s)

  • Director(Outside), OMRON Corporation
  • Audit & Supervisory Board Member(Outside), ASAHI MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO.
  • Director(Outside),JAPAN EXCHANGE GROUP,Inc.

Reasons for the nomination as Director

Mr. Kobayashi has extensive experience in global management and leadership over multifaceted group companies and deep insight into management as a top management of a general trading company which develops businesses around the world, and gives advice to the Company's management and appropriately supervises the execution of operations from practical and diversified perspectives. For all of these reasons, he is believed to be the right person for the Company to achieve the continued enhancement of corporate value, so the Company hereby proposes that you elect him as External Director who meets the Independence Standards of External Officers stipulated by the Company.