ABOUT Hisao Taguchi

Hisao Taguchi
(October 21, 1955)
Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Brief Personal History

April 1978 Joined Japan Airlines
June 2002 Deputy Vice President, Domestic Passenger Marketing
April 2005 Deputy Vice President, China Business Development,
Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd.
April 2006 Vice President, Corporate Planning Office,
Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd
April 2007 Executive Officer,
Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd.
Senior Vice President, America
February 2010 Executive Vice President, Japan Airlines Corporation
December 2010 Executive Officer, Purchasing
Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd.
February 2012 Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (Current Position)

Main concurrent position(s)

  • none

Reasons for the nomination as Director

After joining the Company, Mr. Taguchi engaged in various operations such as sales, personnel affairs and flight operations and served as Executive Officer and CEO for the Americas Office, from April 2007 and as Executive Vice President from February 2010. He has served as Audit & Supervisory Board Member since February 2012 and has extensive experience in the Company's operations and insight. Accordingly, the Company hereby proposes that you elect him as Audit & Supervisory Board Member.