ABOUT Kimie Iwata

Kimie Iwata
(April 6, 1947)
Director (Outside, Independent)

Brief Personal History

April 1971 Entered Ministry of Labor
July 1996 Deputy Director-General
Human Resource Development Bureau
Ministry of Labor
October 1998 Assistant Minister of Labor for International Affairs
January 2001 Director-General
Equal Employment, Children and Families Bureau.
Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare
August 2003 Retired from the Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare
December 2003 Advisor, Shiseido Co.,Ltd.
June 2004 Director & Corporate Officer, Shiseido Co.,Ltd.
April 2007 Director & Executive Corporate Officer, Shiseido Co.,Ltd.
April 2008 Director & Executive Vice President, Shiseido Co.,Ltd.
June 2008 Representative Director & Executive Vice President
Shiseido Co.,Ltd.
March 2012 Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Outside)
Kirin Holdings Company, Limited
April 2012 Director, Shiseido Co.,Ltd.
June 2012 Advisor of Shiseido Company, Limited
July 2012 External Director, Japan Airlines Co.,Ltd. (Current Position)
July 2012 President, Japan Institute for Women's Empowerment & Diversity Management (Current Position)
October 2015 Audit and Inspection Commissioner of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Current Position)
March 2016 Director(Outside) Kirin Holdings Company. Limited (Current Position)
April 2016 Director(Outside) Stripe International Inc (Current Position)

Main concurrent position(s)

  • Director of the Board(outside), Kirin Holdings Company, Limited
  • External Director of STRIPE INTERNATIONAL INC.

Reasons for the nomination as Director

Ms. Iwata has extensive experience and numerous achievements in and deep insight into the support for women's empowerment, diversity, corporate social responsibility (CSR), reform of work patterns, etc. backed by many years of experience in administration and corporate management, and gives advice to the Company's management and appropriately supervises the execution of operations from objective and professional perspectives. For all of these reasons, she is believed to be the right person for the Company to achieve the continued enhancement of corporate value, so the Company hereby proposes that you elect her as External Director who meets the Independence Standards of External Officers stipulated by the Company.