ABOUT Masaru Onishi

Masaru Onishi
(May 19, 1955)

Brief Personal History

April 1978 Joined Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL), Maintenance Center, Narita
June 1984 Engineering Works Group, Maintenance Center, Narita
December 1986 Maintenance Project Group, Maintenance Planning and Administration Department.
December 1991 Engineering Project Office, Engineering Department.
December 1993 Production Planning Group, Maintenance Center, Narita
June 1997 Route and Fleet, Planning Group, Corporate Planning Office
April 2001 Director, Production Planning Group, Aircraft Maintenance BusinessDivision, Narita
December 2002 Vice President, Maintenance Planning and Administration Department.
April 2007 Vice President and Deputy General Manager Engineering & Maintenance
President of JAL Narita Aircraft Maintenance Co., Ltd.
April 2009 Executive Officer, Japan Airlines International Co. Ltd.
President, Japan Air Commuter
February 2010 President, Japan Airlines Corporation President, Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd.
(Japan Airlines Corporation was merged by Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd. on December 1,2010)
March 2011 Representative Director, President
Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (Safety General Manager)
(Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd. changed its name to Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. on April 1, 2011)
February 2012 Representative Director, Chairman (Safety General Manager)
April 2014 Director, Chairman
April 2018 Director (Current Position)

Main concurrent position(s)

  • Director, (outside) Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman,JAL Foundation
  • Representative Director,General Incorporated Foundation Air Traffic Service Research Insitute

Reasons for the nomination as Director

After joining the Company, Mr. Onishi engaged mainly in Engineering & Maintenance Division and acquired on-the-job experience and insight related to safe operations, etc. at an extremely high level as well as much knowledge and many connections in the airline industry through negotiating operations with outsiders such as aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers, and maintenance operators. He exercised strong leadership and decision-making skills as President after 2010 and early accomplished reorganization of the Company after bankruptcy. Now he considerably contributes to strengthening of the supervisory function of the Board of Directors serving as Director, Chairman, chairman of the Board of Directors, and a member of the Corporate Governance Committee. For all of these reasons, he is believed to be the right person for the Company to achieve the continued enhancement of corporate value, so the Company hereby proposes that you elect him as Director.