ABOUT Norikazu Saito

Norikazu Saito
(November 23, 1956)
Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer
Finance & Accounting

Brief Personal History

April 1980 Joined Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
October 2006 Vice President, Accounting
February 2010 Executive Officer, Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer, Japan Airlines Corporation
February 2012 Managing Executive Officer, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
April 2014 Senior Managing Executive Officer , Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
June 2014 Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
General Manager, Finance & Accounting Division (Current Position)

Main concurrent position(s)

  • none

Reasons for the nomination as Director

Since joining the Company, Mr. Saito has engaged mainly in finance and accounting over the years and developed his knowledge of finance and accounting, investor relations activities, etc. Now, serving as Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer and General Manager, Finance & Accounting, he considerably contributes to transparent information disclosure understandable to shareholders and investors and proper management decisions that make for shareholder returns. For all of these reasons, he is believed to be the right person for the Company to achieve the continued enhancement of corporate value, so the Company hereby proposes that you elect him as Director.