ABOUT Yoshiharu Ueki

Yoshiharu Ueki
(September 16, 1952)
Representative Director, Chairman

Brief Personal History

June 1975 Joined Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
April 1994 DC-10 Captain
April 2005 Deputy General Manager, Flight Operations Division
Vice President, Flight Planning and Administration, Flight Operations Division
April 2007 Director of Flight Training Development
June 2008 Executive Vice President, J-Air Co. Ltd.
February 2010 Executive Officer, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
General Manager, Flight Operations Division
December 2010 Senior Managing Executive Officer, Managing Division Route Marketing
February 2012 Representative Director ,President, Managing Division Route Marketing
February 2013 Representative Director ,President
April 2018 Representative Director, Chairman (Current Position)

Main concurrent position(s)

  • none

Reasons for the nomination as Director

After joining the Company, Mr. Ueki acquired on-the-job experience and insight related to safe operations, etc. as a flight crew at an extremely high level. He has taken control of developing the Medium-Term Management Plan and certainly executed it, exercising strong leadership and decision-making skills, as Representative Director, President, since 2012. Furthermore, he considerably contributes to strengthening of the supervisory function of the Board of Directors serving as a member of the Nominating Committee, Compensation Committee, etc. For all of these reasons, he is believed to be the right person for the Company to achieve the continued enhancement of corporate value, so the Company hereby proposes that you elect him as Director.