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 Feb 01 2001


Based on the captains' reports from both flights involved in this incident, this is information that we can release

1. JL907

* The captain's report from JL907 was received at 0130 hours February 1, 2001.

* After take off the captain controlled the aircraft. While climbing the captain saw the other aircraft in a left forward direction at a distance of about 40 nautical miles

* After the approval of Tokyo Air Traffic Control Centre the captain changed direction toward Yaizu and ACC instructed the captain to descend to 35,000 feet. The captain started manual operation to descend to that altitude. Immediately after that, the TCAS warning sounded a "TA" (Traffic Advisory) alert (meaning - another aircraft in the vicinity) this was followed by a "RA" alert, (Resolution Advisory, i.e. do something) a more serious warning, and gave the advice "CLIMB".

* However, the captain had already observed and recognised the other aircraft and had started to manoeuvre the aircraft's descent according to (ACC) instruction and he decided that it was best to maintain the descent to 35,000 feet although TCAS advised "CLIMB".

* About 10 nautical miles south of Yaizu when flight JL907 was at 36,850-36,800 feet the other aircraft crossed over JL907 at an estimated vertical distance of 10 meters.

* After reaching 35,000 feet, the captain received permission to climb to 39,000 feet and he complied.

2. JL958

* While 907 was flying from Kowa to Oshima, JL958 was flown by the co-pilot in the left-hand seat. JL958 was cruising at 37,000 feet. The TCAS displayed another airplane (JL907) in the direction of 10-11 o'clock at a direction of 12-13 nautical miles at the same altitude (37,000 feet). The captain also made visual contact with the other aircraft.

* After the TCAS displayed the other aircraft, it issued a TA alert and then a RA warning to descend.

* The captain decided that the other aircraft was at the same altitude and was descending too, so he stopped the descent.

* He reported to ACC that he had descended giving the reason (TCAS warning) and then returned to 37,000 feet.


An official investigation by the Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee of the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (the aviation branch of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation -MLIT) is under way, as is a police investigation. Under these circumstances we can make no further disclosure

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