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 Dec 07 2004
 No. / JGN


TOKYO December 7: The Japan Airlines Group, now in the process of renewing and expanding domestic services at Tokyo Haneda Airport Terminal One, plans three new luxury lounges - Diamond Premier Lounges - for the exclusive use of JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) Diamond cardholders - the highest JMB membership category - and Premier category members of the JAL Global Club.

The new lounges - each with its own security gate access - will open in May 2005 and are part of a wide-reaching renewal of facilities in Hanedas Terminal One that includes expansion of JAL Group check-in counters, a doubling of the number of boarding bridges to 24, a 20% increase in self check-in machines to 62 and eight additional security gates increasing the total to 30 to improve the flow through inspections.

Up to December 1st JAL occupied only the South Wing of the West Terminal. With the opening of the new Terminal 2 at Haneda, JAL is expanding domestic services into the North Wing where the airline will have double the space available now for passenger check in operations, and will operate a much more customer friendly and spacious facility.

Access to the new Diamond Premier Lounges will be through dedicated security gates directly behind JAL Global Club counters. in the North and South wings of Terminal One. There will be one 50-seat capacity Diamond Premier Lounge in the South Wing and two in the North Wing, with 50-seats and 80 seats respectively. The lounges have direct access to the main passenger concourse where boarding gates are located.

Members of the JAL Mileage Bank achieve Diamond status through the accumulation of FLY ON points that are added automatically to flight miles earned. Depending on the total of FLY ON points, the more a JMB member flies, the more services are available. To be a JMB Diamond member needs at least 100,000 FLY ON points or 120 eligible flights.

To qualify as a JAL Global Club Premier member, a traveler must accrue 70,000 or more FLY ON points or board 80 or more eligible JAL Group flights in one calendar year.




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