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Food Safety Assurance

We are stepping up initiatives to serve safe meals that customers can enjoy with peace of mind with the aim to provide delicious and satisfying meals on board and in airport lounges and to build trustworthy, high quality products and services.

We believe it is essential to manage and provide guidance on hygiene management to catering companies ourselves rather than outsourcing the work. Therefore, food safety auditors with knowledge and expertise on FSSC 22000*2 food safety management systems conduct food hygiene audits of catering companies at all JAL destinations to ensure HACCP*1 compliance. In fiscal year 2018, they conducted more than 100 food hygiene audits of all catering companies and JAL-operated airport lounges and provided guidance on necessary improvements. Similar hygiene audits were conducted to select catering companies prior to the start of new air service to Vladivostok and Bengaluru.

We also ensure the safety of tableware used for serving meals. The food hygiene audit also checks compliance with the Food Sanitation Act and proper temperature management when washing dishes.

*1 HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point): A process control system to recognize, monitor and record biological, physical and chemical hazards such as microbial contaminants and metal contaminants in food production from receipt of materials to shipment of the final product. The HACCP system is a proactive method of preventing foodborne illness and ensuring food safety by identifying microorganisms, chemical substances and foreign matter which may impair food safety.
*2 FSSC (Food Safety System Certification) 22000 certification: A food safety certification scheme based on requirements in ISO 22000 with additional requirements on risk reduction or elimination. It has been approved as a benchmark for food safety by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), a non-profit organization composed of representatives of major global retailers, food manufacturers and food service operators.

Scenes from a food hygiene audit

A food hygiene audit is a comprehensive assessment of the hygienic conditions of a food processing facility. The checklist includes heating, cooling, preparation and presentation of meals, heating and washing of used utensils, and storage of ingredients and seasonings.

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