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Enhancing Employee Motivation

The JAL Group is implementing various measures to increase employee motivation.

Cultivating a Corporate Culture of Praise

The JAL Group is cultivating a culture to praise each other with Thanks Cards that contain messages of appreciation from staff to staff and JAL Awards, which recognizes employees with outstanding achievements by practicing the JAL Philosophy.

Communication within the Group

The JAL Group maintains communication within the Group across job types through JAL Philosophy Education and activity-type training.


To continuously provide values that are one step ahead of the competition with speed in a rapidly changing environment, it is necessary for each employee to think and act responsibly. We must change ourselves from “employees who do exactly what they are told to” to “independent-minded employees who think and act for themselves.” We have named this initiative JAL OODA.
OODA is the decision-making process to "Observe ⇒ Orient ⇒ Decide ⇒ Act.” JAL OODA means to think independently and act speedily and creatively through efforts based on the JAL Philosophy and the amoeba management system.
To first change the mindsets of leaders, JAL ODDA Training for officers and managers has begun from FY2018.
In addition, we have built frameworks to nurture JAL OODA-minded employees, such as Crossing Mentor & Mentee, an idea creation community that provides cross-section back-up to employees who take up challenges, and Wakuwaku-Platform Innovation Team, which challenges innovation with enthusiasm (Wakuwaku) through collaborative initiatives with other companies.
We will display our full potential in any environment or conditions, create autonomous organizations where members pave the way for themselves, provide new values to customers to make JAL the world’s most preferred and valued airline.

Crossing Mentor & Mentee Presentation (Nov. 21, 2019)

Intrapreneur Audition "Wings of Creation"

As an initiative to "expand business domains" as stated in the JAL Group Medium Term Management Plan, we started the intrapreneur audition “Wings of Creation” in FY2017. All JAL Group employees are eligible to participate and free to apply to the audition with ideas for new businesses in fields other than their own. Winners who are selected after going through screening of their project, consultation, project redesigning and final presentation are transferred to the Business Creation Strategy Department, where they can turn their ideas into new businesses.

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