Ground handling About us

The JAL Group provides a wide range of ground handling services to overseas airlines to assist them in launching new flights in Japan or to support their daily operations, leveraging our extensive network, resources and experience. We believe our ground handling services will support the movement of people and logistics and contribute to connecting Japan and the world. If you are interested in the type or scope of services we provide, do not hesitate to contact us.

Company Strengths Our strengths

01Service quality rooted in history and experience

We take pride in the experience and skills that we have developed since the founding of the company in 1951. We aim to enhance our service quality in on-time operations, comfort and convenience on the basis of safety as our top priority.

02The most comprehensive resource network
in Japan

With the largest handling network in Japan, we provide ground handling services at 56 domestic airports across the country. This strength allows us to handle charter and diverted flights as well as scheduled flights. Furthermore, our staff are experienced in handling disruptions to operations.

03Integrated full package service

We provide an integrated ground handling package, which includes flight applications, administration and supervision, passenger service, operational support, ramp handling, cargo handling, maintenance and catering. Our seamless workflow leads to efficient coordination between different handling sections.

Award Achievements, Awards and Reputation

We work with more than 70 overseas airlines and the scope of our service covers the whole of Japan.
As of January 2020, we handle 8,500 flights of customer airlines a month.

Types of aircraft that we handle

We are experienced in handling a wide range of aircraft types, including the 737, 747, 767, 777, 787, 737F, 747F, 757F, 767F, 777F, A320, A321, A330, A340, A350, A380, Antonov and business jets. We also handle passenger ferry flights and cargo loaded in passenger cabins.


5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating

(Airline Passenger Experience Association)

Diamond Certification by APEX Health Safety powered by SimpliFlying(the highest levels of COVID-19 safety measures throughout the travel experience)


The Most Consistent Winner in past 5 years and best Asia Pacific Major Mainline Airline in 2018 for on-time performance.

Our ramp handling company, JAL Ground Service Co., Ltd (JGS), is the only company in Japan to acquire IATA’s Safety Audit for Ground Operation (ISAGO) certificate at both Tokyo Haneda International Airport and Narita International Airport.

Airport Our network

As mentioned above, the JAL Group provides ground handling services at 56 airports in Japan.
JAL Tokyo Head Office manages all ground handling contracts, and monitors and supports service quality, while JAL Group subsidiaries provide services at hub airports and reliable business partners cooperate with services at regional airports.

Map of Japan Asahikawa Hakodate Memanbetsu Kushiro Obihiro Sapporo (New Chitose) Sapporo (Okadama) Okushiri Rishiri Akita Aomori Hanamaki Misawa Sendai Yamagata Nagoya (Chubu) Tokyo(Haneda) Komatsu Niigata Tokyo(Narita) Matsumoto Hiroshima Osaka (Itami) Izumo Osaka (Kansai) Kochi Konotori Tajima Matsuyama Nanki-Shirahama Okayama Oki Tokushima Takamatsu Yamaguchiube Fukuoka Kagoshima Kikaishima Kitakyushu Kumamoto Miyazaki Nagasaki Oita Okinoerabu Tanegashima Yakushima Tokunoshima Yoron Ishigaki Kume Miyako Tarama Yonaguni Kitadaito Minamidaito Amamioshima Okinawa (Naha)

Service Scope of Service

Support in the Initial Stage

  • Requests and contracts
  • Flight applications
  • Initial flight support

Services at Airports

  • Administration and
  • Cargo
  • Passenger
  • Maintenance
  • Operations
  • Catering
  • Ramp
  • Business and
    private jets

Support for Daily Operations

  • Service quality management
  • Fares and ancillary services, schedule filing
  • Security support


Our hospitable airport staff welcome each passenger with a friendly greeting and do their best to provide a safe and secure travel experience.

Areas of service

Check-in, boarding gate, airport lounge, arrival and transit services, baggage claim, passengers requiring mobility assistance, VIP escort, crew guidance, etc.


Our support departments closely adhere to safety protocols. They analyze aircraft weight, calculate fuel load, monitor weather conditions and provide crew with correct flight data.

Area of service

Load instruction sheets, weight and balance, flight plan, flight monitoring, turnaround coordination, etc.


Our ramp handling staff demonstrate good teamwork while performing various tasks in order to achieve on-time departure. We own GSE to suit each aircraft type.

Area of service

Baggage handling, marshalling, parking, cooling and heating, ramp to flight-deck communication, loading and unloading, moving aircraft, lavatory and water services, cabin cleaning, cabin storage, etc.


All JAL Group staff are fully committed to ensuring the quality and safety of your shipments, as well as pursuing new possibilities of air transportation in order to stay one step ahead of changes.

Area of service

Cargo warehouse services such as ULD buildup and breakdown, arrival notification, import cargo storage and sales of materials, logistics such as forwarding, packaging and delivery, and trucking service.


Experienced and highly skilled maintenance engineers are stationed at airports throughout Japan to provide line maintenance, and maintain aircraft, parts and engines to support safe operations.

Area of service

Deicing and anti-icing, line maintenance, component maintenance, engine maintenance, etc.

Administration and supervision

We can provide a dedicated station manager and representative service to meet the customer’s needs.

Area of service

Administration, station management, assignment of a supervisor, AOC meeting attendance, etc.

Flight applications

We support airlines in their initial stage of entry into the Japanese market, such as assistance with necessary applications from your inaugural flight to daily operations.

Area of service

Business license applications, charter flight applications, aviation security, CIQ coordination, etc.


We provide and deliver inflight meals and other inflight shopping goods to aircraft.

Area of service

Preparation of inflight meals and loading onto aircraft.

Business and private jets 

We provide ground handling services for business and private jets at many airports in Japan. We can also arrange domestic and international charter flights at the customer’s request, and provide smart, secure and convenient travel with our customized services.

Area of Service

Planning, ground handling for business and private jet, transit escort, catering, etc.

Contact Contacts

We are unable to accept inquiries unrelated to
ground handling.

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