Safety Please set electronic devices into airline mode or turn off power after door closed

JAL group altered the restriction of usage of electronic devices on board as follows on 1st September, 2014. This change was based on the ministerial notification regarding the related civil aeronautical act.
Please set electronic devices to the mode which do not emit radio waves or turn them off when cabin attendants request to do so after all doors are closed. Those who break the law may be subject to fine of up to 500,000 yen. (Civil Aeronautics Law, Enforcement, Article 164-15) Also, please turn off electronic devices in your checked baggage.

*1 Please set electronic devices into airplane mode or turn off power after door closed. It is prohibited to access wireless LAN out of airplane. Your crew will notify you about electronic device usage after landing.

(1)Electronic devices that emit radio waves when activated

  • Cell phones
  • Transceivers
  • Wireless microphones
  • Personal digital assistants (PDA)
  • Mobile routers
  • PHS
  • Radio-controlled toys
  • Personal computers (PC)
  • Electronic game machines
  • Wireless headphones, wireless earphones, battery operated IC tags and devices which may communicate wirelessly with other devices (such as Bluetooth, etc.) (*2)

*2 Usage restrictions on electronic devices shown in (*2) can be always used in aircraft types as follows:

  • JAL(Japan Airlines)737-800, 767, 777, 787
  • JAC(Japan Air Commuter)DHC8-Q400, ATR42-600
  • JTA(Japan Transocean Air) 737-800
  • RAC(Ryukyu Air Commuter) DHC8-Q400

Aircraft types on which usage restrictions shown in the above figure(2) is applied:

JTA(Japan Transocean Air) 737-400, JAC(Japan Air Commuter) SAAB340B, RAC(Ryukyu Air Commuter) DHC-Q100/Q300, HAC(Hokkaido Air System) SAAB340B

(2)Electronic devices that do not emit radio waves when activated

All of the above-mentioned devices(1) that do not emit radio waves when activated(*4), and the following devices;

  • TVs
  • Pagers
  • Video cameras
  • DVD players
  • Digital audio equipment
  • Wired & battery type earphones
  • Electronic organizers, Electronic dictionaries
  • Battery chargers
  • Toys with voice or touch activated speakers and monitors
  • Radios
  • GPS receivers
  • Video players
  • Digital cameras
  • Wired & battery type headphones
  • Word processors
  • Printers

*4 "Devices that do not emit radio waves when activated" means that the function to talk and to send e-mail/text is disabled even if the power is on, such as airplane mode.

*Your captain may request you to turn your electronic devices off depending on circumstances.

*Company rules restrict the use of electronic devices other than the above-mentioned devices.

*Personal computers, personal digital assistances and electronic game machines can be used during flight when you connect those devices with JAL SKY Wi-Fi services.

*Applying a powerful force on electronic devices with the lithium-ion battery can cause the battery deformation and/or the battery protection function failure. This may lead to the battery failure with heat generation, burst, ignition. Please be careful not to drop the electronic devices to the floor, not to stomp on them and not to drop them into the gap around the seat.

*We may ask you to turn the electronic devices off when passengers with medical devices like pacemaker are around you.

*Please pay attention to the safety announcement and other safety-related insutructions provided by the cabin attendants.

*Please be considerate of other passengers when you use electronic devices on board. Also please refrain from talking on the cell-phone in the cabin because this may disturb the others.

*During take-off and landing, please stow the large size of electronic devices like notebook computer into the overhead stowage bin or under the seat as well as your baggage.

*Please switch off electronic devices in your checked baggage.

*Please obey the operator's rules when you board codeshare flights.

Kids Phone by NTT Docomo, Junior Phone by au and Mimamori Series by Softbank must be turned off completely in advance.