Safety Behavior that jeopardizes the safety of the aircraft is prohibited by law

The Civil Aeronautics Law of Japan prohibits the following acts in the cabin.

  • Any act which may give rise to an impediment to the safety in flight
  • Any act which may cause farm to other persons or properties on board
  • Safety disruptive behavior

Safety disruptive behavior, etc. refer to the following acts, which create disorder in the cabin or violate aircraft cabin rules. If the passenger defies Captain's orders, a fine may be imposed. We would appreciate your cooperation to ensure a safe and comfortable flight.

Smoking in the lavatory

Interfering with the flight crew's duties

Leaving baggage in any place that may block, or interfere with evacuation routes

Ignoring the flight crew's instruction to fasten seat belts

Devices that emit radio waves when activated
(It is excluded while door is open and taxing after landing)

Unauthorized use of any emergency equipment such as life vest

Refusing to return seats, tables or footrests to their original or upright positions during take-off or landing

Unauthorized operation of the cabin doors or emergency exits etc.