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from the President

Top Message from President Akasaka

Yuji Akasaka,
Representative Director, Executive President

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to guests of the JAL Group, our shareholders domestically and abroad, and all of our other business partners and associates for your strong support and continued patronage.

I assumed the role of president as of April 2018. Since joining the company, I have spent most of my career in the Maintenance Division and Corporate Safety and Security Division. As I worked on the frontline of safety for many years, the principle that "flight safety is the basis and social responsibility of the JAL Group" has infiltrated every part of my body. Based on my starting point and my firm conviction for safety, I will continue to do my best to maintain flight safety of the JAL Group.

The JAL Group is working toward achieving its Medium Term Management Plan for fiscal years 2017 to 2020 under the theme "Challenge, Leading to Growth." In FY2017, when we kicked off the mid-term plan, we defined the JAL Vision with these key words; "Transform JAL into a global airline" ラ "Create values one step ahead of competitors" = "Continue growth." We expedited many initiatives to transform JAL into a global airline, opening new routes to Melbourne and Kona, migrating to a world-class passenger service system, and forging new alliances with global airline partners, just to name a few. We also took steps to "create values one step ahead of competitors" such as offering free inflight Wi-Fi service on domestic routes, establishing a fintech company, and investing in supersonic passenger aircraft developer Boom.

In FY2018, the second year of the mid-term plan, we reviewed the progress we have made thus far and established Medium Term Management Plan - Rolling Plan 2018 to further evolve our initiatives. In this Rolling Plan, we initiated what we are calling the Grand Design, which explicitly defines in quantitative and specific terms our long-term targets beyond FY2020 and the company we aspire to be when the JAL Vision is achieved. Specifically, we aim to fly to 500 major cities in the world and provide every customer with a stress-free travel experience. To realize "continued growth," we will strive to achieve operating profit margin of at least 10%, turnover of 2 trillion yen, operating profit of 250 billion yen, and aggregate market price of 3 trillion yen, maintain safety in the skies and drive development of the aviation industry, and contribute to resolving social issues, as exemplified by our commitment to SDGs. We are determined to move forward steadily step-by-step to realize this Grand Design.

With gratitude in our hearts, each and every JAL Group staff will join hands to provide the finest service to our guests, never forgetting the support we have received from society, and do our best to become the world痴 most preferred and valued airline.

I would appreciate your continued patronage and support of JAL Group.