Attentive care and consideration for guests around the world


By putting ourselves in guests' shoes, we are better able to understand, anticipate, and adjust to their individual needs, as we constantly strive to improve our service and meet the demands of our guests with elegant Japanese hospitality. Especially in more recent years, as inbound travel to Japan has increased, and many travelers originating from countries all over the world are choosing to fly with JAL. So as to ensure that each guest enjoys a pleasant flight, we have listened to feedback from around the world, embracing a global approach to refining our overall passenger experience in our airport, lounge, inflight meals, and inflight entertainment services. Through these efforts, JAL was awarded the prestigious 5-Star rating at the 2018 SKYTRAX World Airline Awards, in recognition of our high service standards across our passenger touchpoints.

"How can we ensure that all our guests溶o matter where they are幼an spend their time with us in the utmost comfort?" This is one of the thoughts that drives all JAL staff to approach each and every guest with an open heart, striving to improve his/her ability so that JAL might become the world's most preferred and valued airline.

Let's take a look at some of the ways we are ever working to improve our service.

*1 SKYTRAX is a UK-based consultancy running an air transport rating and review. Winning a World Airline Award from SKYTRAX is regarded as a benchmark of global excellence for airlines.

*2 The World Airline Star Rating awards airlines a 5-Star rating for only the airlines achieving the highest ratings during analysis and assessment of its product and service quality standards both onboard and at airports.




Anticipating the needs of our customers and provide exceptional customer service


 Proactive communication at the airport

As globalization continues, the backgrounds and values of our guests預nd thus, their needs預re becoming more and more diverse. To provide the finest service to each and every guest, we do our best to anticipate those individual needs. "What do guests need in every conceivable situation?" Understanding this question is one reason we value communication with our guests and proactively approach them. In service training programs for airport staff and cabin attendants, we use role-play to practice different approaches and prepare them for a wide variety of real-life scenarios and situations, so that they can act and respond with precision even when put on the spot.

We believe that there is no singular manual that guarantees perfect service, and that there is a uniquely perfect kind of service for each and every guest. Therefore, we do our utmost to anticipate and meet our guests' needs through such proactive communication.

Take, for example, a visitor from overseas is seen looking around for something. He or she might not know the language spoken and may feel insecure. In this situation, we believe in the importance of a warm and sincere greeting, as it should help alleviate some of the apprehension s/he might be feeling.

While many of our guests prefer to interact in Japanese, we do make a concerted effort begin a conversation with guests from overseas in English. Knowing that not everyone speaks English, either, we have also introduced multilingual communication services, such as a three-way calling service.

We continually ask ourselves, "how would we treat a friend of someone dear to us? What would make them happy?" In doing so, we are refining our sensitivity to the individual needs and diverse backgrounds of all our guests, striving to serve each guest attentively, professionally, and warm, as if they were members of our family. This concept rests at the foundation of all our services, and every staff member keeps this in mind when serving guests.



The ultimate experience before boarding


First Class Lounge

An airport lounge should be a space for guests to pass their time in comfort before departure.
Which is why we maintain close communication with our guests, tuning into their needs and responding with subtle, considerate acts of Japanese hospitality in order to make their trip even more comfortable or allow them to spend their pre-flight time in a relaxing way.
From paying attention to every detail, service, furniture, lighting, etc. are all carefully considered and constantly improved upon to provide the ultimate lounge experience.

Even higher standards:
Pursuit of genuine quality

After receiving feedback from a visiting guest that the shower room towels were hard, we took to thoroughly examining the quality and comfort of all towels in the First Class Lounge. As we would like our guests to enjoy their shower, we decided to replace the previous towels with the well-trusted Imabari towels, renowned for their soft and fluffy elegance. However, the initial quality was not all that mattered to us, so before coming to this decision we repeatedly washed and re-used all potential Imabari towel products, checking their texture and wear-and tear over time, and we eventually landed on the perfect product without compromising any of those standards. Since being introduced in April 2018, we have gone from receiving negative feedback to getting numerous queries from guests asking about the brand and how to buy them. It is only through carefully listening to feedback and improving our services that JAL's First Class Lounge can continually offer the highest in Japanese quality and craftsmanship, paying attention to every detail for our guests' satisfaction.



Spending time onboard more comfortably


Greater selection:
Extensive inflight entertainment

We are continuously improving upon our inflight entertainment offerings so that passengers may enjoy their time onboard. On domestic flights, we have introduced live TV service and video programs (accessible by downloading an app), in addition to our complimentary Wi-Fi service. On international flights, we have further improved the content and regularly update programs with the latest choices to expand selection and cater to diverse audience tastes.
We are constantly considering content suitability to load on board, carefully selecting across a wide variety of films and television, including keeping up with popular trends and the latest Hollywood releases, action movies, and Japanese offerings, as well.
To cater to a larger audience, we have expanded comedy and documentary program offerings for our guests from overseas, many of which were not previously loaded. Additionally, programs on offer are available in a wider range of languages, including audio-dubbed and subtitled versions. We have also received numerous requests for local Southeast Asian and European films and will be considering the possibility of incorporating them into our programming lineup.

On domestic flights, we offer 70 channels in our complimentary Wi-Fi setup, available to passengers on their personal devices, and we have expanded the lineup so that every passenger has an enjoyable program on offer.
Receiving such feedback as, "I don't usually watch this movie genre, but it was wonderful" or "I was able to watch a film that I missed," helps us refine our sensitivity and carefully select the most appropriate, engaging global content that passengers will enjoy.

Comfortable spaces:
Amenities in lavatories

In any space, but particularly the more limited spaces, it is of the utmost importance to pay attention to every detail and corner to ensure guests spend their time onboard comfortably. One such measure we took to achieve this is providing amenities inside the aircraft lavatories. Cabins tend to be arid environments, so we have selected top-quality moisturizing skin lotion and milky lotion in our business and first class lavatories. Further considerations for the bottle types and mood were made, so that our guests can feel comfortable to pick up the bottles out of the elegant wooden tray and enjoy without hesitation. At the end of each flight, all amenities are unloaded, checked, cleaned, and refilled, ensuring the best quality experience for all our guests.

To reduce stress on a long flight and help guests feel refreshed, we pay meticulous attention to detail and do our best to create spaces that fully contribute to a restful and relaxing experience onboard.

A pleasant flight for every passenger:
Adjusting cabin temperatures

One factor of service quality we constantly pursue is that of "consideration for comfort." Put another way, we must anticipate and meet intangible customer needs, such as dimming cabin lights and clearing dishes quietly while passengers are trying to rest. Furthermore, we need to respond flexibly to changes, because each individual has their own preferences.
One example of varying preferences is the idea of what "comfortable" means as it relates to cabin temperature. Temperature sensation varies from person-to-person, depending on such factors like where they live or spend most of their time, their health condition, and the amount of time they spend onboard. Body temperatures tend to rise after a meal, so responding to those changes is one of the considerations we make.
Through conducting various verification tests, including spending time as passengers ourselves, we made a variety of findings, including, for example, the large seatback screens on business class long-haul routes give off heat, while the down duvets retain heat and may feel overly hot in certain situations. In those situations, our standard cabin temperature actually felt hotter than what it was set to, causing us to reconsider whether that standard cabin temperature contributed to a comfortable environment. Therefore, we came to the conclusion to lower the cabin temperature on our long-haul business class routes when our guests go to sleep, leading to us receiving positive feedback that the flight was comfortable.
Of course, this change is just an additional standard we have set, while we maintain efforts to respond to each individual. For example, guests who feel cold in this changed environment might be offered hot soup.
We believe that the pursuit of the best service is never-ending, and even through such means as trial & error, our mission remains to anticipate the needs of our guests and respond to them accordingly.

For All Your Senses:
Menu layout

We believe the enjoyment of inflight meals is one of the many delights of air travel, and we would like all guests to enjoy their meal above the clouds just as they would on the ground.
Our meals differ by route and class, but we pay attention to detail by carefully selecting ingredients, properly seasoning each dish, and ensuring the presentation is appealing. One way we are able to do this is through collaborating with world-renowned chefs on our first class and business class menus.
With the growing popularity of our Japanese meals, we ensure that each chef's philosophy is properly conveyed on the dish in a variety of ways that include: checking the chef's desired presentation and sense of design on cabin crew tablets and adjusting the temperature of each dish to the chef's desired specifications.
Always asking ourselves, "how can we serve meals without keeping our guests waiting, but still ensuring a beautiful presentation?" Therefore, we continuously explore ways to improve meal service, taking into account efficiency of onboard workflow and cabin attendants' ability to perform the work.
When we received feedback about our menus being difficult to read, we changed our inflight menu layout on international flights to be more similar to one guests would see at a restaurant. We took to redesigning the menu card with easy-to-understand phrases in English that better communicate the appeal of each dish to guests from diverse backgrounds.
We will continue to serve inflight meals that are both delicious and able to deliver a delightful dining experience, in the hopes that passengers would say, "I chose JAL, because I enjoy their meals."

We communicate with guests at various, limited touchpoints that include at airports, in lounges, and onboard aircraft. In such limited settings, it is very important that we provide professional, yet personal service, and do the utmost to deliver it at a consistently high standard for quality.
It is our commitment that all staff will make the best baton pass to one another, aiming to improve the quality of service in each respective job duty, and doing our best to deliver a pleasant and delightful flight experience that leaves a lasting impression with our guests.
We will continue to work together in improving our service from guests' perspectives, and we will embrace new challenges to become the world's most preferred and valued airline.