The museum showcases JAL's services and archives from JAL's founding to now, different roles in JAL, and how JAL ensures safe and secure air travel.

In this runway-like space, visitors can learn about the different roles in JAL at the job booths, or see the mock cockpit and cabin and get a sense of what they’re like. It’s the perfect place for commemorative photos.

JAL Jobs

This section showcases the jobs of pilots, flight attendants, ground handling, ground staff, and mechanics. The displays feature real items used by different types of staff, and information about their duties.

Mock Cockpit and Cabin

The actual cockpit that was used as the JTA737 flight simulator, the JAL Sky Suite and JAL Sky Premium seats are available to experience sitting in.

Uniform Experience

Uniforms for the pilots, cabin attendants, ground handling staff, ground staff, and maintenance engineers are available to be tried on. The uniforms use velcro fasteners and can be easily worn by both adults and children. We also provide photo opportunities in front of the cockpit and cabin mockups.

Sky Trivia Tour

Hold your admission pass up to the QR readers in the JAL jobs booth to see “sky trivia” related to each job. Expand your knowledge of the skies with all seven types of trivia.

At this “school,” you can learn about the workings of aircraft, including their structures and how such heavy planes can fly in the sky. Get your “studying” done before visiting the aircraft in the hangar.

The aim of the Archives Zone is to convey the history of aviation culture, not just aviation. Here visitors can learn about the history of JAL and Japanese aviation, with a digital timeline, cabin crew uniforms, actual artifacts, and model planes on display.

Digital Timeline

The digital timeline outlines the history of JAL's aviation culture from the 1950s to the 2020s. There are touch panels for each decade, allowing visitors to learn more about their areas of interest.

Uniform Display

Real JAL uniforms from past and present are displayed here, capturing the trends and changes of the times. Enjoy not only each individual design but also how they have changed over time.

Actual Artifacts

A showcase of precious artifacts that have survived to this day, including flight bags, polar survival kits, and commemorative novelty items.

Model Plane Display

Models of 12 past and present aircraft and their specifications are displayed. All models are at the same scale, illustrating how their sizes have changed.

Aviation Before the 1950s

This section outlines pre-WW2 airlines, aviation routes, and passenger planes. Learn about the history of Japanese aviation from its very beginnings to the JAL Group’s founding.

Other exhibitions include the Future Zone, showcasing JAL's future-oriented initiatives, displays about special flights such as those by the Imperial Family, and the Poster Gallery with posters from over the years.

Future Zone

This section introduces JAL's projects for the future. The room showcases future-oriented initiatives in the fields of the environment, technology, food, space, education, work styles, and services.

Imperial Family Flights and Special Flights

This section has displays on Imperial Family flights used by His Majesty the Emperor, and many other special flights that JAL has operated, including rescue flights chartered during emergencies.

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