CSR For the Safety and Health
of JAL Group staff

We recognize that the mental and physical health of every staff and their families is the precondition for realizing the JAL Group Corporate Policy, and are carrying out the following activities.

Health promotion measures

Yoshiharu Ueki President

Good health is a prequisite for material and intellectual growth of JAL Group staff.

We kicked off the JAL Group Medium Term Management Plan in February 2012, vowing to become the world's most valued and preferred airline group.
At the same time, we provided staff with a booklet titled "Towards Achieving the Medium Term Management Plan," which stated that we would implement measures for physical and mental health in pursuing the material and intellectual growth of every staff as stated in the JAL Group Corporate Policy.

JAL Wellness 2016 Pledge

Good health of every staff is a company asset.

The driving force to enable JAL to become the world's most valued and preferred airline is the vitality of every JAL Group staff. This vitality is founded on physical and mental health. Good health of every staff and their familiies is the basis of everyday life and is also a significant company asset.
We must steadily accomplish our management plan, report positive consolidated financial results and pursue the material and intellectual growth of every staff. Health is a prerequisite for material and intellectual growth. When we are healthly, we can live vigorously and feel happy.

JAL Wellness 2016

Let's move forward together.

This book lays down the roadmap for JAL Group activities for promoting physical and mental health as set out in the Medium Term Management Plan from FY2012 to FY2016. It is up to the individual to stay fit and healthy, but there are limits to what one can do. Therefore, the company and Health Insurance Society will assist staff in staying fit and healthy. Health is the starting point of everything. Let's move forward together.

JAL Wellness 2016

The President's Message in Wellness 2016 My Book (distributed to every JAL Group staff)

Fundamental Policy on Health Care

We protect our staff, who are the company's most valuable assets, and support their activities so that every staff can perform his or her duties in a healthy state, both mentally and physically, maintain flight safety and provide unparalleled service to the customers. To achieve this, we will continue to deepen our knowledge on aeromedicine and research health care and health support methods according to changes in the social environment.

Industrial Safety and Health Management

Each workplace has established a Safety and Health Committee or Health Committee depending on its business operations or staff numbers, assigned a General Safety and Health Manager, industrial physician, safety manager and health manager, and conducts industrial safety and health activities according to applicable laws and regulations. In the maintenance division and cabin attendant division, departments or person in charge of safety and health are assigned, who conduct risk assessment and share near-accidents to prevent accidents at work.

Medical Examinations

Regular medical check-ups

We conduct regular medical check-ups, health examinations for staff when joining the company, staff engaged in specific work or assigned overseas, special health examinations, and such according to applicable laws and regulations. We have developed an environment in each workplace to enable staff to easily receive a check-up, and strive to maintain a high medical examination rate. Specified health examinations are for those aged 35 and above so that lifestyle related diseases can be treated from an early stage. Staff can choose from non-obligatory examination items.

Specific health examinations, check-ups for lifestyle related diseases, thorough health examinations, and gynecological examinations conducted by JAL Health Insurance Society

To promote health care of dependents and women, we cooperate in conducting and promoting various check-ups by JAL Health Insurance Society.

Health Care of Staff

Health consultation

Industrial health personnel, such as industrial physicians and nurses, provide consultation when a detailed examination or treatment, is required as a result of a health examination, or concerning an illness or injury affecting work or health care during an overseas assignment.

Support to return to work after absence

When staff requiring rest for a specific period due to illness or injury, etc. return to work, tailor-made support is provided according to individual conditions, in close coordination with the employee's organization and industrial health personnel such as industrial physicians and nurses.

Interview in case of long work hours

This interview is for staff who work overtime 70 hours a month or over 35 hours for three consecutive months. Standards stricter than applicable laws and regulations are established. An industrial physician interviews the staff and provides recommendations and instructions to the individual and company based on results of the interview.

Mental Health support

We have systems for staff to freely seek consultation and talk with doctors and counsellors. We also hold mental seminars and provide information on external contacts.

Low back pain preventive measures

Trainers hold seminars on low back pain prevention measures, primarily for maintenance, airport passengers, cargo and ground handling sections. For cabin attendants, trainers give instructions on physical conditioning during orientation and even later on, provide instructions to prevent low back pain such as exercises they can do before and after flight duty.

Risk Management

Protection of personal information

Personal information on health care such as health examinations is strictly managed according to applicable laws.

Infectious diseases measures including pandemic influenza

We share information which may affect health with related divisions, such as information on infectious diseases and environmental pollution, and quickly implement preventive measures. In case of a pandemic of a new influenza virus, etc., we implement measures to secure the safety of customers, employees and their families according to the Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Earthquake measures

To prevent and mitigate earthquake disasters with top priority on saving human lives, we implement measures in workplaces to prevent cabinets, etc. from falling, distribute emergency supplies and keep food and water of a specific amount. Evacuation drills are held regularly and evacuation routes are confirmed.

Medium-term Activities to Increase Staff Awareness of Health Care

The mental and physical health of every staff is the precondition for accomplishing the 2012~2016 JAL Group Medium Term Management Plan. To achieve the Corporate Policy as much as possible, we are carrying out a health promotion project called "JAL Wellness 2016." The themes of this project are (1) lifestyle related diseases, (2) cancer, and (3) mental health. We aim to increase awareness of staff and family members concerning self-care, appropriate daily habits, regular medical checkups and cancer screening so that they may gain skills for checking and dealing with their own physical condition and stress level. One of these measures is Wellness activities to change the mindset and health habits, conducted by Wellness leaders assigned in offices across Japan. Especially, to improve lifestyles, health promotion activities are planned so that participants can have fun as well, such activities in the workplace, seminars, walking competitions, sports festivals, body composition monitoring, and staircase exercises. JAL and JAL Health Insurance Society support these activities, and there were about 1,300 participants in fiscal 2014.

TOPICS:JAL among the First Selection of Health & Productivity Stock

JAL was among the first-ever companies chosen as Health & Productivity Stock by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. Under the management message of "Health of employees and their families is our asset. Let's become the world's No. 1 airline in employee health," we formulated "JAL Wellness 2016." Management, employees and JAL Health Insurance Society have been working together in implementing various measures. The JAL Group will strive to provide safe and comfortable flights with the employees' health.