CSR Promoting Women's Careers

As a result of our long-standing efforts to improve the work environment and actively promote the career development of women, many female employees, who account for about 50% of total headcount as of the end of fiscal 2018, have been playing active roles in the JAL Group. However, further expanding their career paths is essential to the development of the Group's future. We also believe that actively incorporating women's viewpoints into the management of our business will generate new corporate values.
We are therefore clearly promoting women's career development as a commitment by top management and have been pursuing concrete initiatives to that end. Instead of viewing this as an issue unique to women, we will also focus on men's issues and strive to change the mindset and workstyles of all our employees.

JAL Group Targets for Raising the Ratio of Women in Management

As in the past, we will be guided by our merit-based appointment policy as we take action to increase the number of female managers in the JAL Group to 20%*1and the number of female managers in organizational management posts in Japan Airlines to 15% or higher*2by the end of fiscal 2023.

Number of Female Managers and Ratio of Women in Management in the JAL Group

*1:16.8% as of March 31, 2018, up +0.5 year-on-year.

*2:11.7% as of March 31, 2018. In view of these objectives, the number of women in organizational management posts has been calculated to include managerial posts for flight operations and maintenance, which are departments primarily consisting of men. Women account for 12.5% of directors and 4.3% of executive managers at Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., as of April 2018.

Action 1:Enhanced Women's Career Development

Committed to placing the right talent in the right job, we have been adding more positions for women including overseas assignments for gaining new experiences and enriching their careers. We have also introduced an open application system for select overseas posts. To ensure successful long-term careers for women, we are expanding training programs aimed at further developing their abilities.

Participants present their plans for offering new values to customers on the final day of a four-month training program for developing women's skills.

Action 2:Creation of a Corporate Culture

The cooperation of supervisors is crucial in promoting the careers of female employees. We are seizing every opportunity, from grade-based training to performance evaluator training, to raise awareness within the company on the importance of organizational diversity. We have also set up meetings between managers with female subordinates and established the Human Resources Management Department to confirm that women are being given challenging assignments that will help them grow.

TOPICS:JAL Selected as a Nadeshiko Brand Enterprise for the First Time

JAL was for the first time selected for inclusion on the "Nadeshiko Brand" list of enterprises pursuing diversity management in fiscal 2014 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. We were recognized for positioning the career development of diverse human resources including women as a key management strategy for surviving intensifying future competition and engaging in various initiatives, based on the President's Message of March 14, 2014. The JAL Group will continue to make a concerted effort to become a company that offers career opportunities for diverse human resources.