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Shareholders Discount Coupons

When boarding using a Shareholders Discount Coupon, what procedure is best?
Shareholders Discount Coupons can be used at JAL Domestic Reservations/Purchasing/Information Center, JAL Group domestic flight counters at airports, city offices, self service check-in machines, and ticketing machines. In addition, they can be used at designated travel agaencies.
Can people other than the stockholder use the coupons?
The stockholder discount coupons do not have a name listed so anyone is able to use them.
Can the Shareholders Discount Coupons be used during the end of year and summer holidays?
There are no restricted periods of use .However, depending on the time, flight and route, the seating a Shareholder can reserve with the coupon may be limited in availability due to congestion. Please refer to the company homepage for seating availability using the coupons.
How far in advance can I make a reservation?
We accept reservations two months in advance of departure from 9:30 that day. (In case there is no same date 2 months in advance, reservations will be accepted on the last day of the month 2 months in advance of departure.) When purchasing a ticket, the issuing code printed on the Shareholders Discount Coupons will be necessary. Please have it on hand when making a reservation.
Please explain the details regarding the purchasing time frame of the airline tickets.
Please purchase tickets within three days of reservation. If boarding within less than three days of reservation, please purchase no later than 20 minutes before boarding. (Once the purchase period has passed, the reservation will be canceled. )
Can the Shareholders Discount Coupons be used with other fare discounts such as the round-trip discount or sakitoku fares?
The Shareholders Discount Coupons are a 50% discount off a regular adult fare. (One way within one segment per person, and in the case of a child, one child fare.)
Can the discount coupons be used with first class or J class fares?
A separate fee for each first class fees (8000yen) and Class J fees (1000yen) must be paid. (The discount coupons are not applicable to first class and each J class fees.)
Can the discount coupons be used on international routes?
The discount coupons can only be used on domestic routes. The coupons cannot be used on international routes.
The coupons can be used on all JAL Group domestic routes, but can they be used on code share flights as well?
Discount coupons can be used on code-share flights operated by Fuji Dream Airlines(FDA) and Amakusa Airlines(AMX), Hokkaido Air System(HAC). Code-share flights with Jetstar Japan are sold as international connecting flights, and are not sold as domestic flights. Therefore, Shareholders Discount Coupons cannot be used on code-share flights with Jetstar Japan.
Hokkaido Air System(HAC) has joined JAL group. Can the Shareholders Discount Coupons be used for HAC flights?
As usual, Shareholder Discount Coupons can be used for Hokkaido Air System (HAC) operated flights only when the flight you board has a JAL flight number. From October 30, 2016, all HAC operated routes will use a JAL flight number.
What will happen to the miles in the JAL mileage bank?
When using a Shareholders Discount Coupon, 75% of the sector mileage will be credited to your JMB account. When using First Class, 125% of the sector mileage will be credited, and 85% for Class J.