IR Dividend Policy

1. Dividend Policy and dividend for fiscal year 2016

 The Company regards shareholder returns as one of our most important management issues. Our fundamental policy is to actively implement shareholder returns based on continuous and stable dividends, while securing internal reserves for making investments for corporate growth in the future and changing business environments and to build a strong financial structure.
 The Company amended the Articles of Incorporation by a resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders on June 22, 2017 to allow the Board of Directors to make a resolution to pay interim dividends, with September 30 each year as the record date.
 With regard to the dividend for fiscal year 2016, we are to pay a dividend of 94 yen per share taking the financial results, our financial conditions and the future business environments into consideration.

2. Fixed Date of Dividend Payout and Starting Date of Payout

  Year-end Dividends
Fixed Date of Payout March 31, 2017
Starting Date of Payout June 23, 2017