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Dividend Policy

1. Dividend Policy and the dividends of FY2021

JAL regards shareholder returns as one of our most important management matters. Our fundamental policy is to actively implement shareholder returns through continuous and stable dividends and flexible share repurchases, while securing internal reserves for making investments for corporate growth in the future and changing business environments and to build a strong financial structure.

However, as the spread of COVID-19 still continues, air transport industry including ourselves is being affected substantially. The JAL group recorded a huge loss of 151.8 billion yen as Second Quarter EBIT. Our full-year EBIT forecast is a loss of 198 billion yen, which is significantly improved from the last year, however, we believe it is our best interests to pursue liquidity at hand and financial robustness as our first priority.
Regrettably, we determined not to pay interim dividends at the August 3rd board meeting. We sincerely apologize to our shareholders and investors, and would like to ask for their understanding amid the very difficult situation that we are currently in.
For the forecast of the year-end dividends per share and the total dividends per share for the fiscal year ending March 2022, it will remain undetermined yet and will be decided later, depending on future COVID infection, recovery of domestic and international passenger demands and its impact or our future financial situations.

2. Dividend Forecast

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  Interim Dividend Year-End-Dividend Total
FY / March 2022  -  undetermined undetermined
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3. Dividend (Result)

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  Interim Dividend Year-End-Dividend Total
FY / March 2022  -   -   - 
FY / March 2021  -   -   - 
FY / March 2020 JPY 55.00  -  JPY 55.00
FY / March 2019 JPY 55.00 JPY 55.00 JPY 110.00
FY / March 2018 JPY 52.50 JPY 57.50 JPY 110.00
FY / March 2017  -  JPY 94.00 JPY 94.00
FY / March 2016  -  JPY 120.00 JPY 120.00
FY / March 2015  -  JPY 104.00 JPY 104.00
FY / March 2014  -  JPY 160.00
(*1JPY 80.00)
JPY 160.00
(*1JPY 80.00)
FY / March 2013  -  JPY 190.00
(*1JPY 95.00)
JPY 190.00
(*1JPY 95.00)
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*1 JAL undertook a two-for-one stock split of its common shares as of October 1, 2014, and each dividend recalucurated as such.

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