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In case of Sudden Turbulence

Always keep your seat belt fastened

During take-off and landing

Fasten the seat belt securely and low, and make sure it is not loose to protect your body from shocks in an emergency.

During cruising

Even when the seat belt sign is turned off, please keep your seat belt fastened at all times to prepare for sudden rocking of the aircraft. If you are using a blanket, secure it over your blanket.

After landing

As the aircraft may move again after stopping, remain seated until the seat belt sign is turned off.

In case of Sudden Turbulence when not seated, please support your body.

During flight, we may encounter unexpected turbulence without any time to turn on the seatbelt sign.
In this case, you should quickly support your body to prevent yourself from falling or being thrown off balance.
First, sit in the nearest empty seat and fasten the seatbelt.
If there are no empty seats nearby, squat down and grasp a secure object.
If you are in the aisle, hold on to an armrest. If you are near or inside the lavatory, grasp the handle.

In the aisle

Squat down and remain low. Grasp the nearest seat or armrest.
Hold the armrest from below to prevent your body from lurching upward.

Near the lavatory

Hold on to a handle near the lavatory.

Inside the lavatory

Remain low and hold on to the handle.

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