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Safety Management Policy

The JAL Group has established the Safety Charter as the fundamental policy for safety under the Corporate Policy.
Every employee, from top management to frontline employees, has a correct understanding of the concept and policy of safety management system(*) which is defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO), in accordance with the Safety Charter and performs their everyday work accordingly.

(*)Safety management system includes the components of Safety policy and objectives,Safety risk management, Safety assurance, and Safety promotion.

Operating Policy of the Safety Management System

The Safety Management System (SMS) is based on four pillars: Safety Policy and Objectives, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Safety Promotion. Management declares the safety policy, which is communicated to all Group companies, safety targets are established each fiscal year, and all JAL Group employees including management perform their duties in accordance with the SMS to maintain and enhance flight safety of the entire JAL Group.

Furthermore, to maintain high levels of safety, management, each division, and the Corporate Safety and Security Division implement the PDCA cycle regarding safety and link the cycle across organizations to ensure that the SMS functions properly and safety is continuously improved upon.

Management Plan DO Check Action、Corporate Safety and Security Division Plan DO Check Action、Divisions  Plan DO Check Action


Management implements the SMS by taking the following actions in the Group Safety Enhancement Council: establish safety management policies, receive reports on the achievement status of safety targets, the results of safety audits, the progress of safety measures, the occurrence of aircraft accidents and serious incidents and the status of preventive measures, decide necessary measures as management, and issue instructions to implement those measures.


Each division implements the SMS, presents status reports to management and the Corporate Safety and Security Division, and makes necessary improvements based on results of PDCA and instructions from management and the Corporate Safety and Security Division.

Corporate Safety and Security Division

The Corporate Safety and Security Division implements the SMS at the Group level and makes improvements based on instructions from management and status reports from divisions. It submits reports on SMS implementation and improvement to management, identifies issues facing each division, and gives instructions to correct the situation.

Safety Targets

The JAL Group sets goals for the level of safety to be achieved, and each department implements measures necessary to achieve these goals. The level of safety is evaluated annually and take necessary corrective actions as required.

Establishment and Management of Manuals

The JAL Group has established and documented safety regulations and operating standards and procedures in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and international standards, and has a system in place to ensure that all relevant employees are aware of these matters.

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