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Procurement Information

Basic Concept

The JAL Group is aware of the need to gain the cooperation and support of many business partners to operate its flights and provide products and services to customers on a daily basis. Therefore, we strive to build strong partnerships with suppliers based on mutual trust by ensuring fair and transparent procurement activities and showing our appreciation for their support, as explained below.

1. Fair and transparent procurement

When selecting business partners, we comprehensively assess a broad range of factors, such as product and service quality, costs and delivery periods, the company's reputation, ESG perspective, and sustainability initiatives. We also ensure fair and transparent procurement activities by offering numerous opportunities for domestic and international business partners to do business with the JAL Group.

2. Providing safe and secure services to our customers

To deliver peace of mind to customers when they board our flights, we cultivate a culture of safety as top priority with business partners and conduct rigorous quality management to offer the finest hospitality.

3. Promoting sustainable procurement

We work with business partners to build sustainable supply chains, including initiatives aimed at legal compliance, global environment preservation, respecting of human rights, appropriate labor practices, and fair business practices.


Important Notice to Business Partners

The JAL Group has decided to change the current procurement system and introduce a new procurement system (SAP Ariba) from June in 2021 for the purpose of “strengthening compliance, operational efficiency and financial position” and promote the digitalization of transactions.

With the new procurement system (SAP Ariba), you can now quote, order, accept, bill, and pay online.

In introducing the new procurement system, we ask our business partners to obtain IDs for the new system and to register email address and bank account information for the person in charge of orders to be used in the new procurement system.

Although we are contacting you in order by email, we would appreciate it if you could let us know to the contact address below if you have not received email. We apologize for the inconvenience.

〔Contact address for JAL SAP Ariba〕

*Please note that we will continue the current transaction format for some products (flight equipment, aircraft parts, fuel, inflight meal, etc.).

Information on the SAP Ariba briefing for suppliers and video recordings of the event are listed below. Please take a look if necessary.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the dedicated contact address above.

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