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Organizational Overview

JAL is organized as follows:

Japan Airlines Organizational Chart

Under Board of Directors, Chairperson and President, Auditing, Corporate Safety and Security, Operations, The Policy Management Center, Digital Innovation, Customer Experience, Milate and Life- Style Business, Route Marketing, Cargo & Mail(Japan Region Cargo Office and Overseas Region Cargo Office), Flight Operations, Cabin Attendants, Engineering & Maintenance, Airport Operations(Japan Region Airport Offices and Overseas Airport Offices),General Affairs, Corporate Planning, IT Planning, Corporate Control, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Procurement, Sales & Marketing(Hokkaido Branch(Japan Region Sales Offices), Tohoku Branch(Japan Region Sales Offices), Tokyo Branch, Central Japan Branch(Japan Region Offices), Western Japan Branch(Japan Regional Offices), Kyushu Branch(Japan Region Sales Offices), Okinawa Sales Office, and Overseas Sales Offices), China(Overseas Branches), Asia & Oceania(Overseas Branches), THe Americas(Overseas Branches), Europe, Middle East & Africa(Overseas Branches).
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