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Representative Director, President
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Safety Officer
Japan Airlines Co.,Ltd.

August, 2023

FY2022 started amid the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic and unstable global conditions. Despite the rapidly changing business environment, we worked with relevant ministries and business partners to steadily build up safety operations on each flight in order to maintain the flow of people, commercial distribution, and the distribution of goods necessary for the social economy and daily life. On the other hand, the shortage of human resources in the airline industry became apparent with the rapid recovery of passenger demands and the increase of the number of flights operated worldwide. We, once again, realized the importance of human resources as the last resort to ensure the safety of our passengers.

In order to make FY2023 a year of recovery and revival in which we will once again recover the valuable factors that were once lost due to the unprecedented crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will take every precaution possible to welcome our customers safely and securely. To do so, it is necessary to constantly increase our awareness towards emerging risks and keep improving initiatives. To achieve the goals of the Medium-term Management Plan, we will work to utilize digital technology and information, develop human resources who ensure safety, and respond to environmental changes.

Safety is the basic foundation for the existence of the JAL Group. It is also essential to make air travel sustainable. Based on our solid safety culture that was cultivated over the years, all JAL employees will work together to ensure safe operations.

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