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Representative Director, President
Japan Airlines Co.,Ltd.

October, 2022

In FY2021, the COVID-19 pandemic continued and seriously restricted the movement of people and goods. It was also a year of renewed awareness of various risks such as restrictions on flights to Europe due to the Ukraine-Russia situation.

Even in these circumstances, we maintained our air transportation network, which is essential for society, and transported COVID-19 vaccines and provided air services as an alternative to ground transportation in a disaster to fulfill our mission as a public transportation company that supports society.

The environment surrounding the airline industry is expected to constantly change from moment to moment, however safety is the basis for business continuity of the JAL Group and this will remain unchanged no matter what the circumstances are. We will strive to fulfill our responsibilities as a social infrastructure and lifeline, and uphold safety as our highest priority as we work together to build a society where everyone can live safely and with peace of mind.

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