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JAL Philosophy

Consciousness, values, and way of thinking everyone should have

The JAL philosophy has been established as a mindset, a set of values or an attitude that everyone working on JAL services and products should share have in their minds. This makes it possible for all of our employees to stand together behind our judgments and actions, as we work together to continue to provide the best service to our customers, increase our corporate value, and contribute to the betterment of society.

Part1 In Order to Lead a Wonderful Life

The Formula for Success (The Formula for Life and Work)

The Result of Life and Work = Attitude x Effort x Ability

Have the Right Attitude

Base Criteria for Decision-Making on "Doing What Is Right as a Human Being."
Have a Beautiful Mind
Be Humble and Honest
Always Be Cheerful and Positive
A Small Good Is Like a Great Evil, While a Great Good May Appear Merciless
Wrestle in the Center of the Ring
Grasp Matters Simply
Possess Opposing Extremes

Accumulate Tedious Efforts with Passion

Work Earnestly
Accumulate Tedious Efforts
Work with Voluntary Attention
Fire Yourself Up
Strive for Perfection

Ability Will Improve

Ability Will Improve

Part2 To Become a Wonderful JAL

Each of Us Makes JAL What It Is

Each of Us Makes JAL What It Is
Discuss Frankly
Lead by Example
Be the Center of the Vortex
Valuable Lives Are Entrusted to Us in Our Work
Be Thankful
Put Yourself in the Customer's Position

Have a Keen Sense of Profitability

Maximize Revenues and Minimize Expenses
Elevate Our Cost-Consciousness
Pursue Profit Fairly
Manage the Company Based on Accurate Figures

Unite Our Hearts

Make the Best Baton Pass
Align Mental Vectors
"Workfloor" Management
Follow the Merit System

Possess a Fighting Spirit

Maintain an Ardent Desire
Never Give Up Until We Succeed
Boast and Make It Come True
Possess True Courage

Be Creative in Our Work

Today Should Be Better Than Yesterday; Tomorrow Better Than Today.
Conceive Optimistically, Plan Pessimistically, and Execute Optimistically
Think Through to Visualize the Results
Decide and Act with Speed
Face Challenges with Courage
Aim High

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