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Representative Director, President
Japan Airlines Co.,Ltd.

October, 2022

ESG Strategy as the Pillar of Management Strategy

At a major turning point of the times, when people's values are changing dramatically, the JAL Group is not limited to the field of aviation, but is leading the way in solving and transforming social issues, aiming to realize a sustainable society through its business activities.

Under "JAL Vision 2030," which is aimed at the year 2030, we are working to create a ”safe and secure society” and "sustainable future" with ESG as the core of our management strategy. We have redefined growth as the "enhancement of corporate value" rather than the conventional "increase in volume" or "increase in scale," and we are making major changes to our products, services, and business model from an ESG perspective.

The JAL Group's ESG strategy is to "solve social issues and create sustainable flows of people, and sales and distributioon channels". By leveraging our strength as an airline company, which is our ability to transcend barriers of place and time, we will contribute to human interaction and mutual understanding, and create a society and future in which many people and many things can freely come and go, and demand can be generated sustainably.

To this end, we have established four priority areas; environment, people, communities, and governance, set targets for 22 priority issues, and all employees will work together to achieve them, while also contributing to the achievement of the 17 goals and 169 targets of the SDGs.

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