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Representative Director, President
Japan Airlines Co.,Ltd.

August, 2023

ESG Strategy as the Topmost Strategy in order to Realize Value Creation and Growth

In the process of overcoming the long-lasting COVID-19, we have come to a new awareness of the deep relationship between social issues and the JAL Group's business, and have decided to make the resolution of social issues our business mission.
"JAL Vision 2030" envisions the creation of a "society with safety and peace of mind" and "sustainable future," and inspires a vibrant society and a future where many people and goods freely move around.
In the Medium-term Management Rolling Plan 2023, the JAL Group has repositioned its ESG strategy as the "topmost strategy in order to realize value creation and growth," with the aim of accelerating efforts toward sustainable growth of the JAL Group.

The JAL Group's ESG strategy is to create sustainable flows of people, and sales and distribution channels and expand the population of people involved, thereby enhancing the sustainability of air transportation and corporate value. Based on the value creation story of " Create social and economic value by building relationships and connections through air transportation to enhance corporate value," we will align our ESG strategy with our business strategy, redefine our business objectives in each area, and vigorously promote our ESG strategy. To this end, we will tackle management issues such as achieving net zero CO2 emissions in air transportation and securing human resources in a society with a declining population, and all employees will work together to realize the "JAL Vision 2030".

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