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Safety Charter

The JAL Group has established the Safety Charter as the fundamental policy for safety under the Corporate Policy. Representing top management’s commitment to safety, it is included in the Safety Management Manual and has been reported to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in accordance with the Civil Aeronautics Act.
All JAL Group employees carry a card printed with the Safety Charter and perform their daily duties as professionals in conformance with the Safety Charter.

Safety Charter card

Safety Charter

Safety:The protection of lives.
This is the commitment and basic foundation of business continuity for the JAL Group.
We take to heart our mission and responsibility as safety professionals to ensure a safe operation on every flight with the best of our knowledge, skills and abilities.

To accomplish this, we will act according to the following principles.

  • Stop immediately when safety concern arises.
  • Comply with rules and strictly follow standard operating procedures.
  • Always check and confirm; never rely on assumptions.
  • Promptly communicate information without omission to ensure safety.
  • Deal with problems quickly and appropriately without underestimation.
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