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Management Strategy

ESG Strategy (Topmost Strategy in Order to Realize Value Creation and Growth)

Figure showing the JAL Group's management medium term management strategy

The JAL Group has established a value creation story that creates social and economic value and improves corporate value by creating "relationships and connections" through air transportation, and aims to grow into a company that creates "relationships and connections" in addition to providing the conventional "safe and secure mobility".

[Value Creation Story]

Figure explaining a concept for creation of social and economical value through mobility.

Management Targets

Work steadily towards their achievement by FY2025

We have established management targets for FY2025 in the areas of safety and security, sustainability, and finance, taking into account the business environment, global trends, stakeholder expectations, their impact on our business, and their importance to management. These are the key management issues and challenges of the JAL Group.

Figure showing the target at FY2025 of medium term management plan


Figure showing the timeline to achieve the goals at FY2025 of medium term management plan and in the future

FY2021-2025 JAL Group Medium Term Management Plan Rolling Plan 2023

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Past Year's Medium Term Rolling Plan

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