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Management Strategy

Environmental Awareness and Strategic Outline

Uncertainty remains in the business environment due to the prolonged pandemic as seen by structural changes in air travel demand and behavioral changes of consumers, global instability, and changing market conditions. Led by the growing momentum to achieve the SDGs, companies and investors are becoming more aware of ESG.

The airline industry is expected to grow strongly again in the medium- to long-term spurred by global economic recovery and growth.

Business strategy, finance strategy and ESG strategy remain the pillars of our management strategies, but to adapt to the new reality, we will pursue ESG-centered strategies. To achieve our management targets, we will tackle social issues through our business activities and implement business and financial restructuring.

Management Targets

Work steadily towards their achievement by FY2025

We have established management targets for FY2025 in the areas of safety and security, sustainability, and finance, taking into account the business environment, global trends, stakeholder expectations, their impact on our business, and their importance to management. These are the key management issues and challenges of the JAL Group.


FY2021-2025 JAL Group Medium Term Management Plan

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Past Year's Medium Term Rolling Plan

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