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ESG Finance

The JAL Group has been working to solve social issues and achieve the SDGs through its business activities, and in the Rolling Plan 2022*1, a revision of the Medium-Term Management Plan, we have positioned ESG strategy as our medium- to long-term growth strategy.
The JAL Group has established environmental issues as a priority area and is making group-wide efforts under environmental policy and action plan. In particular, reduction of CO2 emissions from aircraft is one of the most important issues in the aviation industry, given that air travel produces greater CO2 emissions per unit than other methods of travel.
Through ESG finance, JAL is aiming to reduce CO2 emissions from aircraft, which is the largest emission source in air transportation business operation.

*1: "JAL Vision 2030", GX strategy toward net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050 and ESG strategy in " JAL Group Medium-Term Management Plan Rolling Plan 2024PDF"

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