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JAL Group Corporate Policy

The JAL Group Will:
Pursue the material and intellectual growth of all our employees;
- Deliver unparalleled service to our customers;
- Increase corporate value and contribute to the betterment of society.

Safety Charter(excerpt)

Safety:The protection of lives.
This is the commitment and basic foundation of business continuity for the JAL Group.
We take to heart our mission and responsibility as safety professionals to ensure a safe operation on every flight with the best of our knowledge, skills and abilities.

Value Creation Story

The JAL Group aims to become the world's most preferred and valued airline group by implementing JAL Vision 2030, which focuses on "creating a safe and secure society" and "building a sustainable future." To achieve this goal, all employees will work together to implement the JAL Group FY2021-2025 Medium Term Management Plan, which revolves around ESG strategies.
Our Purose Our Vision Management Strategy Our Strength Foundations of Value Creation

Our Purpose

To Become The World’s Most Preferred and Valued Airline Group, Where Many People and Goods Freely Move Around

Our Vision

Amid significant changes in the world and social values, JAL Vision 2030 paves the way towards growth, driven by the universal values, “Safety and Peace of Mind” and “Sustainability.”
The JAL Group will realize JAL Vision 2030 in coordination with our stakeholders, utilizing the strengths, which we have cultivated over the years.

Management Strategy

The Medium Term Management Plan will place ESG strategies at the top of its management strategy to create new social values such as the sustainable flow of people, goods, and distribution channels.
We aim for medium- to long-term growth by focusing on solving social issues in Japan and other countries around the world through "air transportation" and "connection."

ESG Strategy

The JAL Group has positioned ESG strategy as its top strategy for growth toward 2030. We will address important social issues we face by creating relationships and connections through air transportation, while creating sustainable social and economic values and enhancing corporate value.

Business Strategy

To promote ESG strategies, we will promote business model reform, DX strategies, human resources strategies (human capital management), and GX strategies.
We will restructure our business portfolio by promoting our ESG strategies and address social issues in our four business areas. While changing our revenue structure, we will realize our medium- to long-term profit growth.
In FY2025, we plan to record about half of our profits in the LCC and Mileage, Lifestyle and Infrastructure business areas.

Financial Strategy

As the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end and air transport demand recovers, the JAL Group will strengthen its risk tolerance while accelerating its efforts for sustainable growth. In addition to investment, we will actively allocate management resources to promote our ESG strategy and human capital management, by recognizing the use of resources not as costs, but as “ investments to support the future of JAL”. As business performance recovers, we will gradually expand shareholder returns for those who have supported us during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Strength

Our three strengths cultivated through challenge and innovation since the foundation of 1951, and lessons drawn from the 2010 bankruptcy and accidents are assets of the JAL Group.

Human resources base

The human resource base was built through concerted efforts of all employees with awareness of belonging to the JAL Group team and a sense of professionalism

Human resources who make up the workforce, policies and attitudes such as the Corporate Policy and JAL Philosophy, and know-how and skills cultivated over the years

Customer base

A customer base made up of connections with all customers who use the JAL Group

Connections with all customers who have used the JAL Group through the mileage program, membership organizations and accumulated data

Financial base

One of the strongest financial bases of any airline in the world, built through steady and strong management focused on profitability

JAL Group's financial position, disciplined resource allocation and cost management, and connections with our shareholders, investors and other stakeholders

Foundations of Value Creation

Brand Story

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