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Mileage, Lifestyle and Infrastructure

The sharp decline in air transport demand caused by the pandemic made us reaffirm the importance of revenue sources in areas other than air transport. In FY2021, we started to work on expanding the Mileage, Lifestyle and Infrastructure business domain to restructure our business model. We aim to grow the JAL Group, utilizing the strengths of our customer base, brand and skills in each business domain; Mileage, Lifestyle, Regions, Air Mobility, and Contracted Services (airport/maintenance/cargo).

Pie chart showing the revenue of mileage, lifestyle and Infrastructure businesses

Mileage and Lifestyle

We will promote the JAL Mileage and Lifestyle Concept of providing services in daily life, and expand areas for saving and using miles to promote the wellbeing of our customers and society. In addition to expanding partnerships with other industries and promoting DX, we will introduce a new mileage program that allows members to earn points in everyday life and environmentally-friendly activities, and provide highquality, convenient services to contribute to building a sustainable society and promoting our ESG strategies.

Figure showing the services of mileage and lifestyle business domains

In the Mileage and Finance business domains, we will launch new services such as JAL Wellness & Travel, JAL housing loans, JAL Denki (electricity) and the mutual exchange of Rakuten points and JAL miles to further the JAL Mileage and Lifestyle Concept. In the Commerce business domain, we welcomed JALUX to the JAL Group to strengthen our EC business.
Going forward, we will improve our financial services and product lineup such as insurance and securities, and promote cashless payment such as touchless and QR code payments. We will build a new EC website and develop ethically-sourced products to expand our commerce business, in addition to increasing synergies with JALUX.
We will continue to promote the JAL Mileage and Lifestyle Concept under the motto "make everyday life and all life stages even better with miles."


We aim to revitalize regions while preserving the natural environment and creating lasting people flow. To solve regional problems, we will design purposeful tourism for people to visit regions and develop attractive products and distribution channels to deliver regional products throughout the world including Japan.

Figure showing the strategy of regions businesses

Air Mobility

Underpopulated areas including remote islands with an aging and declining population face challenges such as access to shopping, and there are rising expectations of using next-generation air mobility to solve various regional issues and provide people with new forms of transportation to enrich their lives. The JAL Group will be aware of their needs and contribute to solving social issues with our know-how on air mobility to improve mobility and convenience and live more sustainably.

Figure showing the strategy of air mobility businesses

Contracted Services

We will develop a contracted services system enabling us to flexibly and steadily respond to the recovery in air travel demand, and expand our services utilizing the strengths of an airline. We will also attract overseas airlines to airports in Japan, contribute to creating flows of people and logistics in Japan and overseas and support growth of the economy and the airline industry.

Figure showing the strategy of contracted services businesses

Other Businesses

We strive to increase JAL Group's corporate value by improving the customers' convenience through other businesses, too.


Tourist farm, Farm restaurant management, Private brand product development

Business jet

Charter Flights, Ground Handling, Owner Aircraft Management

JAL Innovation Lab

"JAL Innovation Lab" is an activity base for "open innovation" that creates new added value and business by utilizing internal and external knowledge.

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