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Mileage, Lifestyle and Infrastructure

Non-Aviation business glowth

Create commercial activities that connect people and regional communities by developing diverse products and services.

  • Milage and Lifestyle : Develop Mileage and Lifestyle services that create connections
  • Air Mobility : Establish transportation infrastructure for remote islands, mountainous areas, etc.
  • Contract Buisiness : Contribute to an increase in Japan-bound passengers through contracted services for overseas carriers' flights
  • Travel and Regional Revitalization : New tourism that creates an interacting community and maximize the value of regions through solution sales marketing
Pie chart showing the revenue of mileage, lifestyle and Infrastructure businesses

Mileage and Lifestyle

Growth through expansion of mileage and lifestyle services that create new connections

We will provide a variety of services that will enrich your daily life and expand the scene of saving and the usage of mileage outside of air travel. We will expand our customer base with a new status program that reflects our daily use. We will also realize growth by expanding our commerce business by utilizing the know-how of JALUX, a core non-aviation company.

JAL Mileage and Lifestyle Concept

Figure showing the services of mileage and lifestyle business domains

We will continue to promote the JAL Mileage, Lifestyle and Infrastructure, which provide a variety of services in daily life and life stages. It also expands the scene of savings and using mileage to expand our customer base and achieve profit growth.
Specifically, we will work with our group companies to enhance the functionality of JAL Pay and establish an online shopping mall (JAL Mall) in order to improve the ease and usability of mileage in our daily life.

In the future, we will pursue further business expansion and profit growth by combining the expansion of frequent flyer services into new fields such as nursing care and entertainment with investment in these new businesses. At the same time, we will launch a new status program that will reflect not only airline used but can also be use in non-airline domains, as well as a new smartphone application for JMB members.

Air Mobility・MaaS

Realizing a future where people and goods travel with out restraint

In order to provide new value in mobility, we will utilize the JAL Group's know-how on aviation safety to promote the social implementation of drones and eVTOL. In addition, we will expand JAL MaaS, which provides seamless travel to destinations by connecting with diverse transportation services, in an effort to create a new regional flow of people.

Air mobility

  • We will realize a world where our customers will be able to access one-stop service with a single smartphone by expanding our existing transportation services between airports and collaborating with all modes of transportation from origin to destination, utilizing our aviation expertise in DX and PR.
  • Taking the opportunity of the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, we will promote the commercialization of eVTOL and contribute to the realization of an exciting society and future in which people and goods can travel without restraint.


  • We will expand our existing transportation services between airports, utilize our aviation expertise in DX and promotions to realize a world where customers can use our onestop services with a smartphone by linking with all modes of transportation from departure to destination.
  • Focusing on the needs and challenges of travel, we will realize new travel and traveling experiences by providing seamless baggage-free transportation and last-mile services.

Contract Business

Supporting infrastructure of aviation industory

We will support the restart of flights by overseas airlines and contribute to the revitalization of the flow of people and logistics. We provide high-quality services for airports, maintenance, and cargo with the skills and assets that the JAL Group has developed. We will also expand our market share by building a system that can respond flexibly to changes in demand through cooperation with partners.

Figure showing the strategy of contracted services businesses

Travel and Regional Revitalization

Creating relationships and connections through mobility

We will expand our business in problem-solving solutions in response to the diversifying issues and needs. In order to create a flow of people, we will create new travel goals, known as New Tourism, such as workcation and Adventure Travel, and will realize well-being based on these values. In addition, we will maximize regional value by supporting local industries and promoting attractiveness through commercial channels to expand the relevant population.

Figure showing the Solve Issues by Creating Relationships and Connections through Mobility

Diverse needs and issues are emerging with the growing awareness of the environment by the customers, the diversification of lifestyles due to the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, changes in the passenger structure demand due to changes in work styles and attitudes, the diversification of purchasing channels, and changes in sales methods due to rapid growth in the e-commerce market. The JAL Group aims to sustainably expand and grow its business by providing solutions utilizing its products and services through dialogue. We will use our long-established sales capabilities to meet the diversifying needs and issues of customers.
To address regional issues, we will provide solutions that take advantage of JAL's strengths in contributing to the creation of the flow of people and goods, and work together with local communities to resolve issues by creating value for relationships and connections through mobility.

Figure showing the strategy of regions businesses

Creating New Flow of People and Contributing to Regional Revitalization

We aim to revive the tourism industry and revitalize the local economy by creating new demand through the expansion of thematic and optional products, including the creation and provision of attractive products centered on workcation, Adventure Travel, and Countryside Stay. We also aim to respond to diversifying needs and resolve local issues by developing inbound local tours and experiential educational trips. We aim to realize sustainable tourism, revitalize local communities, and improve well-being through relationships and connections created through the creation of new flows of people, in other words, mobility.

Contributing to the Local Economy Through the Creation of New Business Streams

In order to create relationships and connections with local communities, we will provide an e-commerce site for customers who use JAL Hometown Tax Payment and local products, as well as inbound passengers, so that they can continuously purchase local products. In order to make people want to visit the production areas, we will introduce the background and climate of the products and convey the charm of various parts of Japan through local products, which will lead to attracting customers to the area. We will also create added value by creating products with regional characteristics.

Other Businesses

We strive to increase JAL Group's corporate value by improving the customers' convenience through other businesses, too.


Tourist farm, Farm restaurant management, Private brand product development

Business jet

Charter Flights, Ground Handling, Owner Aircraft Management

JAL Innovation Lab

"JAL Innovation Lab" is an activity base for "open innovation" that creates new added value and business by utilizing internal and external knowledge.

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