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Commitments to ensure outstanding quality

On-time Operations

Flight safety and on-time operations are our most important commitments that an airline must fulfill to deliver peace of mind and earn customer trust. Flight courses and flight times change depending on the direction of the winds. Departure and arrival flights may have to be put on hold when flights overlap. To maintain on-time operations even in these conditions, all sections and staff involved in operations strive to act quickly and efficiently to make the best baton pass. We will continue to focus on securing world-class safety and on-time operations through good teamwork among various jobs and proposed improvements.


To enjoy enjoyable and comfortable flights, JAL is working hard to improve its service quality from both hard and soft aspects. We value the customers’ standpoint and do our best to provide the finest service while ensuring customer comfort and convenience.


Personal monitors and headrests are fitted on every seat, which is covered with soft, smooth high-quality leather for comfortable seating. Seats are slimmer to provide more leg room. Subtle, innovative ideas create a relaxing space to enjoy your time on board.

  • Image of leather seat

    High quality leather used on luxury cars and furniture are used on our seats.

  • Image of operating a 10-inch personal monitor

    A ten-inch personal monitor make in-flight entertainment more enjoyable.

  • Slimmer seats but approximately 5cm wider

    Slimmer seats offer greater comfort and more leg room.

Airport Lounge

For your pre-boarding relaxation, we offer airport lounges for domestic flights and international flights. Immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation which reflects JAL’s spirit of hospitality.

  • Haneda Airport Domestic Sakura Lounge

  • Haneda Airport Domestic Diamond Premier Lounge

  • Haneda Airport International JAL First Class Lounge

In-flight Service

To make the most of your time onboard in comfort, we offer in-flight Wi-Fi service and entertainment programs and in-flight magazines and conduct in-flight sales.

  • Passengers can use their PC or smartphone on board with our in-flight Wi-Fi service.

  • We offer video and audio programs in our in-flight entertainment.

  • Amenity goods such as eye masks and ear plugs are available on select routes.


We make conscious efforts to make the best baton pass while valuing every moment and thinking of our customers.


The route network and flight schedule are important products of an airline. To maximize customer convenience, we are building an extensive network connecting Japan and the world.

Domestic Flights

Regional routes are essential for business travelers and tourists and also regional residents, as they connect cities and outlying islands with other destinations. JAL is working to contribute to regional revitalization and community development by maintaining regional routes and providing high quality service.

International Flights

JAL coordinates with other airlines, mainly oneworld member airlines, to improve flight routes, mileage partnerships, member services, etc. JAL currently flies to 368 airports in 63 countries and regions including cord-share flights, and will continue to expand airline partnerships to enhance customer convenience and capture robust inbound demand and passengers transiting in Japan.

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