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Cargo and Mail

Connecting goods, people and communities with high quality transport and new business models

Air freight is expected to play an ever-increasing role in high-speed transportation to connect goods with people and communities. We will strengthen our handling of high-value-added products such as pharmaceuticals and Japanese regional products that require high quality transport, which is a strength of the JAL Group. In addition, we will establish a sustainable logistics network based on a new business model to solve social issues in logistics.

Pie chart showing the revenue of cargo and mail businesses

JAL to Launch Cargo Flights for Further Growth in the Cargo and Mail Business

Boeing 767-300ER BCF Aircraft*

  • By building strong partnerships with logistics partners, our company will begin operating our own cargo flights on both international and domestic routes, focusing on a network strategy based on stable and high-growth demand, such as e-commerce and home delivery. This new business model reduces business risks from fluctuations in demand and market conditions.
  • We will attempt to secure profitability by offering flexible charter and temporary flights to meet customer needs.

Airbus A321ceo P2F Aircraft*

  • In response to the 2024 logistic problem in Japan,, we will begin to operate cargo-only flights in cooperation with Yamato Holdings, Inc.
  • Utilizing the assets and know-how of both companies, we will attempt to solve social issues centering on logistics, such as securing stable transportation capacity, maintaining and improving service quality, and revitalizing local communities.

* Aircraft refurbished from passenger to cargo planes

Figure showing the management plan of cargo and mail businesses

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