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Cargo and Mail

Expand business with a new business model

Transport demand is diversifying even amidst tight capacity and demand. To meet social needs, we will maximize capacity through airline partnerships, and strengthen the handling of strategic items that are closely related to social life, such as e-commerce, home delivery, health care and food. We will also continue to provide sustainable services by solving social issues related to logistics.

Pie chart showing the revenue of cargo and mail businesses

In April 2024, we will launch a joint business with Yamato Holdings, Inc. (Yamato HD) to develop a sustainable logistics network in response to the “2024 issue.”
In addition to trucks and other transport modes in Japan, which handle a large amount of long-distance logistics, the use of freighters as a new transport mode will contribute to ensuring stable transportation capacity and maintaining and improving service quality. JAL and Yamato HD will promote partnership by using each other’s resources to contribute to communities and solving social issues, and achieve further growth by becoming the customer’s choice of airline.

Figure showing the management plan of cargo and mail businesses

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