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Safety Management Structure

Safety Management Structure

To maintain uniform and high safety standards throughout the JAL Group, each Group airline including JAL implements the SMS in accordance with shared policies confirmed by the Group Safety Enhancement Council. The Group Operational Safety Promotion Committee is a sub-committee for maintaining and strengthening safety coordination between divisions and Group airlines.Each Group airline has a similar safety management structure.

Safety Management Structure

Safety Management Structure

Responsibility and Authority


The President assumes final responsibility for safety in the SMS.
The President of each company declares and disseminates safety policies throughout the company and secures the resources necessary for the SMS to function effectively.

Chief Safety Officer

In accordance with Article 103-2 of the Civil Aeronautics Act, each JAL Group airline appoints a person who is responsible and authorized to oversee safety management, make important management decisions on safety policies and safety investments, and report important safety matters to the President (“Chief Safety Officer”). The Chief Safety Officer is appointed by the President of each company.

Corporate Safety and Security Division

The Corporate Safety and Security Division is responsible for overseeing safety enhancement of Japan Airlines and the JAL Group.

Flight Operations, Engineering and Maintenance, Cabin Attendants, Airport Operations, Operations, Cargo and Mail Divisions

The executive officers of production divisions chair the safety committee of their respective division, make overall judgment and decisions on operations affecting safety under their command, and report to the President and the Chief Safety Officer of the company.

General Affairs Division

The General Affairs Division has established Disaster Handling Regulations to mitigate and prevent the spread of damage, maintain business activities, and resume operations as quickly as possible after a disaster. It provides disaster prevention and response measures to ensure the safety of our employees, passengers, visitors, and directors, and preserve JAL Group assets in the event of a natural disaster such as fires, explosions, wind, flood and snow damage, earthquakes and tsunami triggered by an earthquake, volcanic eruption, and other abnormal phenomena.

Safety Committees

The JAL Group has established various safety committees to allow us to understand the status of daily operations and make necessary improvements based on information of events, in coordination with each function and organization.

Group Safety Enhancement Council

The Group Safety Enhancement Council has been established to ensure flight safety and promote safety management in accordance with the JAL Group Corporate Policy. It is composed of the President (Chair), the Chief Safety Officer, executive officers appointed by the President, and Presidents of Group airlines.

Group Operational Safety Promotion Committee

The Group Operational Safety Promotion Committee, a sub-committee of the Group Safety Enhancement Council, has been established to improve safe air transport and safety of the JAL Group by maintaining and strengthening coordination of safety between divisions and Group airlines. It is composed of the Vice President of JAL’s Corporate Safety and Security (Chair), Vice Presidents of JAL safety management departments appointed by the Chair, and the Chief Safety Officer or executive officer in charge of safety of each Group airline.

Special Committee on Alcohol-related Measures

The committee has been established to manage alcohol-related risks of pilots, cabin attendants, maintenance engineers, dispatchers, and drivers in the airport. It is composed of JAL’s Chief Safety Officer (Chair), Senior Vice President of Corporate Safety and Security, executive officers of Flight Operations, Cabin Attendants, Engineering and Maintenance, Airport Operations, Operations, and Cargo and Mail, and other members.

Special Committee on Alcohol-related Measures in Each Division

The committees in each division, which are sub-committees of the above Special Committee on Alcohol-related Measures, have been established to gather and analyze information and monitor measures established in each production division. It is chaired by the executive officer of each division and composed of the division’s safety managing department and related departments, and Corporate Safety and Security.

Safety Committee of Each Division

(Flight Operations Safety Committee, Engineering and Maintenance Safety Committee, Cabin Safety Committee, Airport Safety Committee, Operations Safety Committee, and Cargo Safety Committee)

These committees have been established to strengthen coordination of safety and decide safety policies within the production division.

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