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JAL Group Safety Targets

We established JAL Group safety targets in accordance with the FY2021-2025 Medium Term Management Plan and are making efforts to achieve them.


Accumulate safety layers and realize a safe and secure society as a leading company of safety

Numerical Targets

Zero aircraft accidents and zero serious incidents

Action Targets

1. Use digital technology, expand data collection, deepen analysis, and thoroughly enforce measures

We will proactively apply new digital technology to safety measures to speed up data collection and improve analytical skills. Moreover, we will collect and apply wide-ranging safety information to our safety measures. We will also actively participate in technological studies by manufacturers to improve our technical capabilities and strengthen measures.

2. Develop human resources who think and act on the basic foundation of safety

Due to the decrease in employees who experienced accidents and the increase in employees who have never experienced one, we will continue to pass on their experiences, feelings, and thoughts on safety at the time of the accident to the next generation, and by so doing, we will develop human resources who will always act on the basic foundation of safety. We will also draw on lessons learned from the alcohol-related issues and instill a strict collective norm on alcohol consumption.

3. Be prepared for changes in the environment affecting aviation in coordination with internal and external parties

In order to protect our customers and employees from the increasingly diverse threats of terrorism and other threats, we will take measures by deepening cooperation with external organizations. As ensuring safety is essential to the development of air mobility, we will work to build a solid safety foundation. In addition, we will ensure the safety and security of our customers and employees from the increasingly severe disasters that have occurred in recent years, and be prepared to minimize damage and achieve the early recovery of operational functions.

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