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Divisional Profitability Management System

Driving force to involve all employee in management

The divisional profibility system, based on our Amoeba Management, has advantages such as fostering personnel with a sense of management, proactive business management, and the realization of Management by All. All JAL Group employees work on figures involved in company management to maximize profits.
Along with the implementation of JAL Philosophy, we aim to realize our corporate philosophy by not only maximizing profit in each division, but also pursuing optimal profits throughout the entire company.

Realization of the JAL Group Corporate Philosophy

Developing Human Resources that Contribute to Sustainable Development

In the Amoeba system, the leaders of each organization are responsible for the income and expenditure of their own organization. They gain managerial experience by formulating intentional organizational goals and engaging all members to achieve the goals. This initiative will produce managerial talent.

Realize Business Model Reform by Leveraging Strengths

Each month, we formulate earnings forecasts for the FSC, the LCC, and the Mileage, Lifestyle and Infrastructure businesses. Based on these forecasts, we examine and implement measures to maximize earnings. At the Group performance report meetings, which are attended by all executives, discussions will be repeated on the income and expenditure forecasts and measures formulated by each business. In addition to cost management, which was a major topic of discussion during the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus of discussions will be to maximize income based on changes in the current business environment. All participants will share their insights toward achieving the annual earning goal and rebuilding the business portfolio. By taking advantage of proactive management and the Management by All, we will realize the growth of each business, thereby leading to the sustainable growth of the JAL Group.

Contribution to Improve Income and Expenditure

Divisional profitability initiatives exerted its authority during the COVID-19 pandemic. The leaders of each organization took the lead in formulating earning forecasts based on the latest demand trends of each month, and appropriately managed costs in response to the sharp decline in income. In addition, these forecasts were shared at departmental meetings where all members gathered, regardless of job title or years of employment, and all organizations considered and implemented measures to improve income and expenditure, such as planning new businesses utilizing the resources that we own. In this way, each organization continued to take advantage of the strengths of the system, and the JAL Group as a whole has improved its income and expenditure.

Monthly departmental meetings in the frontline

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