Safety Preventive Measures

The Boeing Company set up a large project team composed of engineers from its space and satellite divisions as well as its commercial aircraft divisions to develop a package of measures aimed at preventing future battery problems aboard the 787.
The project team consisted of U.S. and Japanese civil aviation authorities and government investigative agencies, the battery manufacturer, and to gather information from third parties, university and national research institutes were also invited to join in the investigations. JAL and another Japanese operator also participated in the team in order to present comments and requests from the standpoint of an operator of the 787.

Identification of All Probable Causes and Development of Measures

The project team identified all probable causes of a battery failure that would send smoke into the cabin, and developed measures to prevent future battery problems. As a result of theoretical examinations and verification experiments, approximately 100 probable causes were identified, and it was decided to implement a package of measures covering 18 areas. Consequently, the reliability of the battery system on the 787 was significantly improved.