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Safety Advisory Group

To Thicken our safety layer

The JAL Group established the Safety Advisory Group on August 3, 2005 in response to a Business Improvement Order issued to the company by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism on March 17, 2005.

Over a five-month period following the establishment of the Safety Advisory Group, the members conducted a series of interviews with JAL Group staff directly connected with the series of safety incidents, as well as other parties involved. The members also visited the main frontlines, climbed Mount Osutaka (the crash site of JAL flight 123 in 1985) and made an inspection tour of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's Air Traffic Services Department at Haneda Airport. They held a total of 30 meetings and frontline inspections and over 130 hours of interviews.

In December 2005, the Safety Advisory Group finalized the results of its investigations and analysis in a report entitled Recommendations Aimed at Revitalizing the JAL Group as a Company with High Safety Standards. Currently, follow-up meetings are held with JAL management twice a year, where the members check the progress of JAL Group's safety activities and offer recommendations and advice.

In 2009, the members visited JAL Group workplaces and spoke directly with staff at about 25 locations. They highly evaluated our activities over the 4-year period since 2005, and presented New Recommendations in December 2009 to deepen our activities. (New Recommendations "Guard the Fortress of Safety")

They continue to visit our workplaces and speak directly with staff.

Introduction of the members of Safety Advisory Group

The Safety Advisory Group is a panel of 5 experts outside the JAL Group who have extensive knowledge and experience in Human Factors, analysis of failure and imperfection, organizational operation and culture, safety etc. The Chairperson is Mr. Kunio Yanagida, a nonfiction writer and critic.

Mr. Kunio Yanagida

The Chairperson of Safety Advisory Group, nonfiction writer, critic

Mr. Yotaro Hatamura

Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo, Representative of Hatamura Institute for the Advancement of Technology Ltd.

Mr. Shinichi Kamata

Professor Emeritus of National Defense Academy of Japan

Mr. Shigeru Haga

Senior Technology Advisor, Research Institute for Social Safety, Professor Emeritus, Rikkyo University

Mr. Akinori Komatsubara

Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University

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