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Requests at the airport

For your own safety, please follow the safety instructions below.

Restrictions on articles in checked and carry-on baggage

Under the Civil Aeronautics Law of Japan, specific personal belongings and baggage are restricted or prohibited (dangerous goods) in checked and carryon baggage. Please access the following link for a list of articles, of which we have received frequent inquiries.

In some international routes, the limitation of checked baggages in the cargo compartment and also carry-on baggages is different from the other routes.

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If you are not sure whether articles other than those on the List are permitted in checked or carryon baggage, please refer to the webpage "Examples of Dangerous Goods by Air Transportation"of the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB), or visit JAL's website "Information and Reservation". We request your cooperation for our flight safety measures.

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Airport Security Checks

Under instructions of the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, airport security checks have been enhanced to ensure flight safety, resulting in long wait times and congestion at security checkpoints. You are advised to come to the airport early.
If a restricted article is found at the security check, you will be asked to check it in or voluntarily relinquish it by placing it in a box provided for that purpose. We would appreciate your cooperation.

Here are some frequently asked questions about checked and carryon baggage and security checks.


Can I carry a knife such as cutter knife or fruit knife onboard?


However, knives are permitted in checked baggage.
The carrying of sharp objects onboard is an offence and punishable under law by a fine of up to 500,000 yen. If you are found carrying sharp objects at the security checkpoint, you will be asked to return to the baggage counter and check it in, or voluntarily relinquish it by placing it in a box provided for that purpose.


Can I carry a cigarette lighter onboard?


One small cigarette lighter is permitted onboard on one's person.
Two or more lighters are not permitted to be carried onboard. And even one lighter is not permitted in the cargo compartment. If you are found carrying 2 or more cigarette lighters at the security check, you will be asked to voluntarily relinquish it by placing it in a box provided for that purpose, so please be careful.
*Unabsorbed oil lighter(oil lighter with oil directly contained in the tank) and Cigar lighter/Premixing lighter(lighter with strong and/or blue flame) are not permitted on one's person, in carry-on or cheked-in baggage.

Some international flights prohibit cigarette lighters in checked baggage in the cargo compartment and also in carry-on baggage.

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How can I make the screening process as smoothly as possible?


Please place metal items (cell phone, keys, coins, etc.), electronic devices (lap top computer, etc.), and liquids*1 (PET bottle, thermos, etc.) in the tray provided and undergo a security check. Please remove your coat, suit jacket, or blazer in advance.

*1 Restriction on liquids carried onboard international flights

There is a restriction on the amount of liquids that can be carried onboard by passengers on international flights.

All liquids must be in 100ml or smaller containers, which are placed in a single, zip-top, clear plastic bag of no greater than 1 liter. Only one bag is permitted onboard per person.

Please pack excessive liquids, which have been securely packed to prevent damage, in your checked baggage and alert the check-in agent.

There are similar restrictions in overseas countries, and you should be especially careful at transit. The restriction is not applicable to domestic flights in Japan, but is applicable to flights operated in Japan as an international flight. It is also applicable at the security check for transit passengers transferring to an international flight after arrival in Japan, where you will be asked to relinquish alcohol, etc. purchased at overseas duty free shops or in the cabin. For country specific restrictions on liquids carried onboard, please access the link below.

New restrictions on liquids, gels and aerosols as carry-on baggageOpen link in a new window

Around 40cm(length plus width) is suitable

Is it safe to put electronic devices such as laptop computers or digital cameras for X-ray scanning?


Yes, the X-ray scanning machine is safe and will not affect electronic devices. Lap top computers, cell phones, digital cameras, video cameras, and media such as video tapes and CD's will not be affected, so please rest assured.


Do I have to take off my shoes?


For the passengers' safety, thick-soled shoes, protective shoes, boots, shoes with metallic accessories, and such will be checked at random as part of heightened security checks. The following are examples, but shoes other than these may be checked. In these cases, we would appreciate your cooperation.

Request for cooperation in reducing the use of plastics bags

The JAL Group are promoting environmental conservation activities to realize a sustainable society.
After September 1st for international flights (both to and from Japan) and October 1st for domestic flights, we are no longer offering plastic bags for check-in baggage.
Please take care that your baggage is properly and securely packed for transport.
The JAL Group will continue to make effective use of its limited resources and engage in activities aimed at achieving the SDGs.


JAL Group requests all customers to refrain from photographing cabin attendants and airport ground staffs while they are on duty without their consent, as it may cause inconvenience to other customers. Your understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated.

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