Safety Dispatcher

Aircraft operations are affected by weather phenomena, such as fog, snow, typhoons, volcanic explosions, mechanical trouble, and other various factors. JAL's Operation Control Center (OCC) located at Head Office monitors and analyzes these conditions in real time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and responds. Dispatchers and other staff centrally control operations of all JAL flights operating in Japan and overseas and keep an eye to ensure the passengers' safety.

Monitors operations on the ground to ensure safety in flight

Prior to departure, Dispatchers *1 check weather conditions and various information on operations, and create a Flight Plan showing the flight route, flight altitiude, the amount of fuel loaded onto the aircraft, etc. This information is conveyed to the pilots prior to flight duty in the airport office.

*1 To become a Dispatcher, candidates must obtain a national qualification, and then pass an internal examination.

Briefs pilots on the flight, such as the flight plan, in the airport office prior to departure

Even after a flight takes-off, OCC constantly monitors its flight conditiions. As weather and other conditions change minute by minute, Dispatchers exchange necessary information for operations with the pilots, and support safety and comfort in operations from the ground. In case of unexpected situations, such as adverse weather conditions at the destination and mechanical trouble, OCC consults with the pilots, and decide the action to take, such as diversion, rerouting, and turning back for safety purposes. Even after the aircraft has arrived, OCC exchanges information with the pilots about conditions they noticed about the flight.

A dispatcher who communicates with pilot in flight