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Important devices and equipment to ensure safety

JAL Group adopts various technologies to ensure flight safety.

Three 'eyes' that detect danger together with the pilot

TCAS (Traffic alert   Collision Avoidance System/TCAS)

This system warns pilots of the presence of other aircraft in the proximity which may pose a threat, and gives instructions to avoid mid-air collision.

E-GPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System)

When an aircraft approaches ground surface or ocean surface in excess of specific rate, the system compares the aircraft's location and topographic data obtained from satellites, and warns the pilot of danger if the aircraft is flying into an obstacle such as mountain surface.

Wind Shear Warning System

Windshear is a drastic, sudden change in wind direction or speed over a relatively short distance in the atmosphere. A windshear encounter would cause an accident in the worst case scenario. When windshear is predicted or when the aircraft has encountered windshear, the system alerts the pilot and warns of danger.

Cabin equipment to ensure the passengers' safety

Oxygen Mask

When the level of oxygen in the cabin atmosphere drops below a safe level due to system failure, oxygen masks will fall automatically in front of the passengers. Pull the mask sharply, cover your nose and mouth, and put the strap over your head.

Life Vest

Life vests are worn when the aircraft has made an emergency water landing. They can be found underneath the seat or armrests, etc. so that they can be taken out immediately. Put it over your head to wear. Vests for infants are also available. Do not touch the life vests except in an emergency.

Equipment for Evacuation

Emergency Evacuation Slide

To prepare for an emergency evacuation, an emergency evacuation slide is installed at the emergency exits. The slide automatically inflates and unfolds when the emegency exit is opened.

Life Raft

Life rafts are used when the aircraft makes an emergency water landing. Depending on the aircraft type, the emergency evacuation slide is used as a life raft, or the life raft will inflate and unfold from the cabin. The life raft is equipped with a cover to protect passengers from rain and wind, etc, emergency food, a distress signal transmission device, and medicines, etc.,

Emergency Escape Path Light

Emergency Escape Path Light is fitted to the aisle floor, sides of seats, emergency exits, etc. to enable passengers to check the exits in an emergency evacuation at night or when the cabin is filled with smoke.

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